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Quote from President Siebert in the episode The Grant Allocation Derivation

Leonard: So, I've narrowed it down to three worthwhile projects, but I only have the money to fund one of them. Lucky for you, I have a solution.
President Siebert: I can't wait.
Leonard: You free up more money and I fund all of them.
President Siebert: Mm, no.
Leonard: Or, hear me out, yes. That way, everybody's happy.
President Siebert: You can't make everybody happy.
Leonard: I think I can.
President Siebert: You can't.
Leonard: Well, actually-
President Siebert: You're making me unhappy.

 ‘The Grant Allocation Derivation’ Quotes

Quote from President Siebert

President Siebert: So, there are some funds left in the general administrative grant, and I need somebody to decide how we should disburse them.
Leonard: Really? Wow, what an honor. Thank you. So how do I decide who gets the money?
President Siebert: How do you decide anything? Think about it with your brain, and then say it with your mouth.

Quote from Penny

Sheldon: All right, I've kept you in suspense long enough. "Dutch" is a bastardization of the word "Deutsch," meaning German.
Penny: What's German for "annoying"?
Sheldon: Nervig. Why do you ask?

Quote from Penny

Sheldon: This reminds me of a traditional Amish barn raising. With everyone pitching in.
Howard: How exactly are you pitching in?
Sheldon: I don't hear anyone else giving facts about traditional Amish barn raising.
Leonard: The rest of us are pitching in with hammers and nails.
Sheldon: Well, facts are my nails, and my voice is the hammer which pounds them through the wood of your skull.
Penny: Well, that is how it feels.