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Quote from Anu in the episode The Donation Oscillation

Anu: I've always wanted to do this. I'm an adrenaline junkie. Roller coasters, snowboarding, dating men who bathe with their dogs.
Raj: It was during a drought.

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Quote from the episode The Tam Turbulence

Penny: This place is amazing. I can't believe you got us in here.
Anu: Well, it's kind of my job. Usually I get tipped for it, but I'll leave that up to you.

Quote from the episode The Procreation Calculation

Anu: I never thought I'd let my family set me up, either, but I'm 34, I'd like to have kids and it's hard to date because I work so much.
Raj: Oh, yes, uh, you're a concierge.
Anu: For now. I plan to be managing a hotel in the next five years. Four, if I can get the current manager out of the way. He's a smoker, so fingers crossed.

Quote from the episode The Consummation Deviation

Raj: Hey, about the other thing. Um, should we just wait for another night?
Anu: Or I go take a shower, and you decide how you want to play this. [Raj ponders] Take a shower with me, Raj.

'The Donation Oscillation' Quotes

Quote from Zack

Marissa: It's a little weird for us, too. I mean, instead of our baby looking like Zack, it's gonna look like Leonard.
Zack: Or Penny if it's a girl.
Penny: No, no, it's not gonna look- Sure.

Quote from Leonard

Zack: Well, Leonard, we were hoping you'd go in on Monday.
Leonard: Okay.
Marissa: And they say, for the best results, between now and then, you shouldn't have sex.
Zack: Sorry, bro, I know it seems impossible to go for five days without, but I believe in you.
Leonard: Five days? My record is 24 years.
Penny: Uh, I think that also means no flying solo.
Leonard: Oh. Then my record is 14 years.

Quote from Zack

Marissa: And, well, we're really hoping for a son. So just, like, keep that in mind when you're in there.
Zack: Yeah, just think, "Little boys, little boys."
Penny: Still just totally not weird.