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Quote from Amy in the episode The Laureate Accumulation

Dr. Pemberton: You know, it's strange. A few months ago, nobody paid any attention to us, and now all of a sudden, we're getting all these accolades.
Dr. Campbell: Yeah, have-have any of you ever felt like maybe you didn't deserve it?
Sheldon: Leonard, there's something I need to say.
Leonard: Shut up.
Sheldon: Okay.
Dr. Pemberton: It's crazy. We conclusively proved super-asymmetry, and yet somehow we, we still feel like impostors.
Dr. Campbell: There should be a term for that.
Amy: Oh, for crying out loud, there is a term for that! It's called "impostor syndrome" and you don't have it! Because you can't have it if you are impostors, and you are! We're the ones who discovered super-asymmetry! So if anyone's gonna feel like they have imposter syndrome, it's us, because we're not impostors! They are! You're impostors and you're frauds!

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Quote from the episode The Opening Night Excitation

Amy: Okay, what is going on?
Penny: We just want you to be prepared for any surprises that could happen tomorrow.
Amy: What surprises?
Bernadette: We don't want to spoil anything, but you should know that Sheldon said he's ready to be physical.
Amy: You shut your damn mouth! You actually heard him say this?
Penny: Yes, he said he wants to do something to show you how much you mean to him.
Amy: I can't believe it. I don't know what to say.
Bernadette: Well, we're really happy for you and we know how much-
Amy: I do know what to say. Let's get me waxed!

Quote from the episode The Romance Resonance

Sheldon: Sheldon Cooper does not get lucky.
Amy: You and me both, brother.

Quote from the episode The Hesitation Ramification

Amy: Do you have any idea how hard it is to laugh at a knock knock joke that starts "Knock Knock Knock, Amy. Knock Knock Knock, Amy. Knock Knock Knock, Amy"?

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Quote from President Siebert

President Siebert: Look, it doesn't matter if they have popular support, we're gonna get the scientific community behind us.
Leonard: He's right, the Nobel Prize is about the work, and as your fellow scientists, we support you and Amy.
President Siebert: That's great, Scooby Gang.

Quote from President Siebert

President Siebert: Dr. Cooper, there you are. I just wanted to tell you not to worry about this Pemberton and Campbell publicity blitz.
Sheldon: Are you worried?
President Siebert: Not at all. Not even a little bit. [manic laugh]

Quote from Raj

Sheldon: Look at this. They posted another video. It's not even about science. They're on a celebrity bus tour.
Raj: Those are fun. I went on one and saw Tom Hanks talking to his gardener. He's even nice when you plant the wrong color azaleas.