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Quote from other character in the episode The Relationship Diremption

Emily: Oh my God I remember.
Howard: Can I finish my astronaut story?
Emily: It was four years ago
Howard: Please don't say it.
Emily: We were set up on a blind date.
Howard: Please don't say it.
Emily: You came to my apartment.
Howard: You're saying it.
Raj: What happened?
Howard: Okay, I'll say it. I was on the way to pick her up and my stomach felt a little funny. When I got there I asked if I could use her bathroom.
Bernadette: Please don't say it.
Howard: One roll of toilet paper and twenty minutes later, I was so humiliated I snook out the window and never saw her again.
Emily: You know what else I never saw again? My security deposit.
Howard: I'm so sorry. I tried to unclog it but you didn't have a plunger and water was spilling out everywhere.
Emily: Right, just water.

 ‘The Relationship Diremption’ Quotes

Quote from Howard

Raj: We have to go over some ground rules about Emily.
Howard: Like when it turns out she's made of rubber, I don't say anything?
Raj: She's very real.
Howard: That's what it says on the box. Right next to dishwasher safe.

Quote from Raj

Leonard: How's dating two women going?
Raj: Umm, kinda hit a bump. When I was honest and told Emily she wasn't the only person I was seeing, it went great. So I tried the same thing with Lucy.
Howard: And?
Raj: She had mixed feelings. But when I said "Emily was cool with it, Emily's the best, why can't you be more like Emily?", those feelings became less mixed.

Quote from Howard

Bernadette: I'm excited to meet Emily.
Howard: I just hope he doesn't blow it.
Bernadette: Why would you say that?
Howard: Because he's Raj. That's his thing. Beckham can bend it. Ralph can wreck it. Raj can blow it.