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Quote from other character in the episode The Meemaw Materialization

Raj: Well, I've seen you here before, Claire.
Claire: It's my first time. I'm looking for inspiration for this movie I'm writing.
Howard: You're a screenwriter?
Claire: Well, screenwriter / bartender / a month away from living in my car.

 ‘The Meemaw Materialization’ Quotes

Quote from Sheldon

Amy: That's great. And look at you, sitting in Sheldon's spot. You know, I don't even get to sit there.
Sheldon: Yeah. And you never will.

Quote from other character

Meemaw: Thank you, Moon Pie.
Amy: Uh, I'm curious. Why do you call Sheldon "Moon Pie?"
Meemaw: 'Cause he's so nummy-nummy.
Leonard and Penny: She could just eat him up.

Quote from Penny

Amy: You have an engagement ring?
Sheldon: Yes.
Amy: Penny, did you know about this?
Penny: All right, let's go.