Big Bang Theory Quote 6437

Quote from Penny in the episode The Line Substitution Solution

Bernadette: So, Beverly, did you know Penny is the number three sales rep at our pharmaceutical company?
Beverly: Oh, I didn't realize you two worked together.
Bernadette: Well, we don't exactly. I'm a microbiologist for the research team.
Beverly: Oh, what are you currently developing?
Bernadette: Some exciting new anti-anxiety drugs.
Beverly: That's interesting. I just attended a lecture on pediatric anxiety.
Amy: Oh, was it, uh, Dr. Janofski? I just saw his TED Talk.
Beverly: It was.
Bernadette: Well, let's get back to Penny. Hey, weren't you telling me something great about your company car?
Penny: Um, it has seat warmers.

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