Clothing from The Raiders Minimization

  • Number 73 T-Shirt

    Number 73 T-Shirt wearing Number 73 T-Shirt
    Worn by Sheldon
  • 20 Sided Dice T-Shirt

    20 Sided Dice T-Shirt wearing 20 Sided Dice T-Shirt
    Worn by Sheldon
  • Periodic Table T-Shirt

    Periodic Table T-Shirt
    Worn by Leonard
  • The Raiders Minimization

    'The Raiders Minimization' - Season 7, Episode 4

    When Amy points out a flaw in the plot of one of Sheldon's favorite movies, he vows revenge by ruining something she likes. Meanwhile, Leonard finds a way to manipulate Penny into doing anything for him, while Raj and Stuart set up online dating profiles.

    Air Date: October 10, 2013.

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