1010 - The Property Division Collision
Aired December 1, 2016

The Property Division Collision

Sheldon and Leonard try to divvy up their shared belongings, but can't agree on anything. Also, Koothrappali and Stuart fight to be the most helpful during Bernadette's final weeks of pregnancy.

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Guest Stars: Kevin Sussman as Stuart, Christopher Lloyd as Theodore

Writers: Steve Holland (Story), Bill Prady (Story), Dave Goetsch (Story), Steven Molaro (Teleplay), Maria Ferrari (Teleplay), Tara Hernandez (Teleplay)

Director: Mark Cendrowski

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Episode Notes

  • The title refers to Sheldon and Leonard's fight over their shared belongings.

Quotes (10)

Sheldon: It's not my fault I'm bad at sharing; I skipped kindergarten.

Sheldon: Come along, Amy. I know when I'm not wanted.
Amy: I don't think you do, but alright.

Leonard: You're good at revenge; how do we get him back?
Penny: Well, my go-to move is usually sleep with the person's boyfriend, but I kind of feel like I'm already doing that.

Raj: Hey, this pregnancy had an emotionally-needy third wheel way before you came along.

Sheldon: He's expecting a newspaper in the morning. Apparently, they still make them.

News Stories

Title Date Posted
1010 'The Property Division Collision' Press Release November 29, 2016

CBS has released the synopsis for the next episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Property Division Collision", which airs this Thursday, December 1. Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) guest stars in the episode.  Full story

Comments (15)

Akshansh India, 05:49 Jan 14 2017.
Ok, so the show is pretty much over this is obviously the last season but it would really hurt when it goes off air
Brian Jackson United States, 17:01 Dec 16 2016.
This show has nothing more to offer. Episodes keep tackling on issues we have seen in the past. Shows needs to go.
Laura United States, 22:41 Dec 9 2016.
I love love love BBT!!! Watch re-runs every night and own 8 seasons. That gkes to show you how much there is NOT to watch on the 1000 channels I have! I do agree with some if the others on this episode however...the germaphobe Sheldon wouldn't have ever done that. With that being said...his character has evolved to swapping body fluids now..lol! I do hope this show continues for many seasons to come...If all I had to watch was Kardashians or Mariah's world, my 600lb life , grannies on safarie or bachelor's or bachloretttes, toddlers and tiaras....I WOULD SHOOT MY TELEVISION AND AND BE WORSE THEN SHELDON CALLING NETWORKS ABOUT CANCELLING MY SHOWS!
Barry United States, 02:49 Dec 9 2016.
I'm a borderline BBT addict. I loved this episode, but it's not ground breaking... I saw it coming, we've seen Sheldon react like this before. I would have loved something new from dividing up their stuff. And personally, I love Christopher Lloyd so much I would have preferred they save him for a major reoccurring character (like Howard's dad returning). But it satisfied me completely and I hope they do another few seasons after this.
Frank Ly Australia, 23:20 Dec 6 2016.
Can't understand some of you critics. Sheldon was exactly how you expect him to be.Bernadette and Howard were hilarious and Leonard and Penny have really developed as actors over the years.I sincerely hope there is a series 11 and 12.
Fransis Clapton Australia, 04:44 Dec 4 2016.
I love The Big Bang Theory.. Sadly, this was the worst episode EVER!.. Sheldon is way out of character in this. There is nothing funny about this at all..
WilLanNor United States, 10:50 Dec 3 2016.
@ Vic , yes they did seem to pull a one trick pony predicated on the shock humor of 'look how far this pushed Sheldon ' yet the more brick and mortar,content, whole humor of Ber , Raj , How and Stu 's lines, gestures, acting and innuendo bubbling to a sticky surface made for better comedy ; the writing "earned" more than absconded with our trust...thanks for reading and responding with content yourself ..
Vic United States, 17:53 Dec 2 2016.
@Wil I hear yeah but this episode, at least as far as Sheldon, Leonard, Penny & Amy's scenes together, just didn't pop for me. I felt that Sheldon was being lame and totally out of character. The Sheldon I know wouldn't expose his friends potentially to disease or germs. Remember the episode about Penny's chair? lol. The situation didn't feel right. Howard, Bernadette, Raj & Stuart 's scenes were very good. They carried the show. In my opinion, Christopher Lloyd's talent was wasted.
Abdul Qayyum Pakistan, 10:58 Dec 2 2016.
I love big bang theory show,,, its just awsome... i like it so much that i watch even the old episodes/seasons every day...... love the showww,,, all characters are very funnyyy....
WilLanNor United States, 10:36 Dec 2 2016.
The POINT of Sheldon bringing the homeless man into the apartment is that it IS one of the last things he would consider putting himself or a friend through ; he considers it so bad, so intrusive on his and others' deeply defended structure that it is indicative of how PISSED he is at Leonard for wearing the apartment flag like a sarong , and scandalously so without requisite super hero big boy undies, and the degree to which he'll go to pay him back.....with THAT contest and Christopher Lloyd providing high caliber ammunition the writers should write a lot of hysterical war history here..........

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