614 - The Cooper/Kripke Inversion
Aired January 31, 2013

The Cooper/Kripke Inversion

When Sheldon is forced to work with Barry Kripke, he is surprised to find his work is not at the same level as Barry's. Meanwhile, Howard and Raj spend $1,000 on action figures that of themselves, landing Howard in trouble with Bernadette.

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Guest Stars: John Ross Bowie as Barry Kripke

Writers: Chuck Lorre (Story), Eric Kaplan (Story), Anthony Del Broccolo (Story), Steven Molaro (Teleplay), Jim Reynolds (Teleplay), Steve Holland (Teleplay)

Director: Mark Cendrowski

Viewers: 17.76 million Households Rating: 11.4/18 Adults 18-49 Rating: 5.4/16

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  • The title refers to Sheldon finding that Kripke's work was better than his - the inverse of what he would usually assume.

Quotes (12)

Sheldon: Penny ... all my life I have been uncomfortable with the sort of physical contact that comes easily to others: handshaking, hugging, prostate exams. But I'm working on it, you know? Just recently, I had to put VapoRub on Amy's chest. A year ago, that would have been unthinkable.

Kripke: You guys ever use any toys?
Sheldon: I do have a model rocket next to my bed.
Kripke: A rocket? You're a freak! I love it!

Howard: My wife came with both fun bags and money bags.

Kripke: My work would suffer too if I was getting laid all the time.
Sheldon: Yes, that is the reason. My work is suffering because of all the laid I am getting.
Kripke: You lucky bastard.
Sheldon: What can I say, you know? She enjoys my genitals. I am giving them to her on a nightly basis.

Bernadette: No, here's how love works. You're gonna return the machine or you can print out a working set of lady parts and sleep with those.
Howard: [pondering]
Bernadette: Oh, my God! Are you actually thinking about it?

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Comments (65)

Super b  United Kingdom, 22:44 Jun 21 2013.
Nice Episode ... Do any of you know where i can find ominous music ? or it name ,, Which was sheldon listened to !!!
Agostine United Kingdom, 11:07 May 24 2013.
This is the only episode where I really liked Kripke, maybe he is mellowing a little and makes friendly jokes when speaking to Sheldon. Whereas I feel really sorry for Sheldon, who sadly realizes to be well behind with his scientific goals.
Kutha United Kingdom, 12:14 Apr 30 2013.
Looking forward to when it comes to England:)
starwarsgeek New Zealand, 10:05 Feb 3 2013.
Meeeh! An uneven episode. gave it a 6/10. Have to agree with Katie from Switzland.
Katie Switzerland, 04:27 Feb 2 2013.
I thought it was the worst episode ever :-(
kevin Canada, 09:22 Feb 1 2013.
if penny got any more excited she would have peed herself.
Homer United Kingdom, 07:41 Feb 1 2013.
Can't wait till it comes to England.
Anna United States, 00:19 Feb 1 2013.
Kate freakin' Miccuci! I am so excited!!
marjana Macedonia, 18:13 Jan 31 2013.
where and when can i watch this episode online for free?
neeley.... United Kingdom, 10:52 Jan 31 2013.
i love dis show soo much....i love sheldon the most

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