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# Episode Title Original Air Date User Rating
201 The Bad Fish Paradigm September 22, 2008  4.5 
When her first date with Leonard doesn't go to plan, Penny confides in Sheldon, who immediately freaks out about keeping a secret.
202 The Codpiece Topology September 29, 2008  4.1 
After Leonard sees Penny with a handsome new mate, he starts up a relationship with Leslie Winkle. Meanwhile, Sheldon is unhappy with the presence of his mortal enemy in his apartment.
203 The Barbarian Sublimation October 6, 2008  4.3 
Sheldon and Penny bond when Sheldon introduces to her online gaming, but Penny soon finds herself addicted to the virtual world.
204 The Griffin Equivalency October 13, 2008  3.9 
When Raj is featured in People's "30 under 30 to watch", the news goes to his head and makes him obnoxious to his friends.
205 The Euclid Alternative October 20, 2008  4.1 
When the gang grows tired of chauffeuring Sheldon around, they hold an intervention to get him to learn to drive.
206 The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem November 3, 2008  4.0 
When a young grad student falls for Sheldon, the gang is confused - nobody more so than Sheldon. Though Sheldon is initially pleased to be the subject of someone's adoration, he's soon searching for ways to end their "relationship".
207 The Panty Pinata Polarization November 10, 2008  4.5 
War breaks out between Penny and Sheldon after Penny's trivial infractions lead Sheldon to ban her from the apartment.
208 The Lizard-Spock Expansion November 17, 2008  4.3 
A smitten Wolowitz thinks he has found the love of his life, until she finds herself more interested in Leonard.
209 The White Asparagus Triangulation November 24, 2008  3.9 
Leonard finally has a girlfriend that not only satisfies him, but also meets Sheldon's demanding standards for Leonard's cohorts.
210 The Vartabedian Conundrum December 8, 2008  3.5 
When Leonard stumbles onto the realization that Stephanie has moved in with him, he fears their relationship is moving too fast for him and turns to Penny for advice.
211 The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis December 15, 2008  4.6 
It's a stressful Christmas for Leonard when his handsome colleague starts dating Penny. Meanwhile, Sheldon's obsessive gift-giving etiquette irritates the whole gang.
212 The Killer Robot Instability January 12, 2009  3.8 
The guys are entering the enter the local killer robot contest but their plan goes awry when they lose their engineer, Howard, after Penny's comment about his love life sends him into a funk.
213 The Friendship Algorithm January 19, 2009  4.1 
When Sheldon wants to use the university's grid computer, he decides to befriend the guy who controls access. Not well versed in the art of making friends, Sheldon develops a friendship algorithm to win over Kripke.
214 The Financial Permeability February 2, 2009  4.6 
When Penny faces financial problems, Sheldon is happy to lend her some money. After Penny starts to regret being indebted to Sheldon, the guys are roped into a confrontation with Penny's ex-boyfriend Kurt.
215 The Maternal Capacitance February 9, 2009  4.7 
A visit from Leonard's mother, Dr. Beverly Hofstadter, brings misery for the gang, except for Sheldon who is enamored with Leonard's analytical mother.
216 The Cushion Saturation March 2, 2009  4.3 
Sheldon's world is turned upside down when Penny damages his "spot" by accidentally shooting a paintball gun at his prized couch cushion. Meanwhile, Wolowitz and Leslie Winkle start dating after a paintballing encounter of their own.
217 The Terminator Decoupling March 9, 2009  4.3 
When the guys take a trip to San Francisco, they're stunned to discover Summer Glau is a passenger on the train. Meanwhile, Sheldon is distraught when he realizes he left an important flash drive at home.
218 The Work Song Nanocluster March 16, 2009  4.4 
When Penny has an idea for a home business, she soon regrets asking for Sheldon's help as he takes over the whole operation. The whole gang ends up spending the night trying to ship an order of a thousand penny blossoms.
219 The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition March 30, 2009  4.4 
Penny is no longer the only girl in town when an attractive actress moves into the apartment building and threatens to become the "new Penny".
220 The Hofstadter Isotope April 13, 2009  4.2 
When Penny accompanies the guys to the comic book store, she is charmed by store owner Stuart. Leonard wonders why Penny has fallen for a guy who is just as geeky as he is.
221 The Vegas Renormalization April 27, 2009  4.7 
When Howard is dumped by Leslie Winkle, Leonard and Koothrappali take Wolowitz to Las Vegas. Back in Pasadena, Sheldon is forced to spend the night with Penny.
222 The Classified Materials Turbulence May 4, 2009  4.4 
After Howard designs a special toilet for the International Space Station, the guys rush to develop a fix to stop the toilet malfunctioning in space. Meanwhile, Penny goes out on a second date with Stuart from the comic book store.
223 The Monopolar Expedition May 11, 2009  4.6 
When Sheldon is offered the opportunity to research at the North Pole, he invites the guys along with him. The impending expedition forces Penny & Leonard to reconsider their feelings for each other.

Season Recap

The Big Bang Theory's second season mainly focuses on character development and has few overarching plotlines. Leonard and Penny's relationship, which started with a date in the first season finale, ends quickly when Penny worrys she's not smart enough for Leonard. When Leonard suggests she go to college, she slams the door in his face. Leonard and Penny quickly patch up their friendship. Penny's feelings for Leonard become clearer at the end of the season, as Leonard and the guys heads away for a three-month expedition in the Arctic.

Sheldon grows more comfortable with Penny being a part of their social group during the season. A key moment in their friendship comes when Penny gave Sheldon a napkin signed by Leonard Nimoy for Christmas. Howard's womanizing ways continue throughout the season, though the break-up of his short-term relationship with Leslie Winkle reveal his more sensitive side. Raj has a moment of success when he discovers a trans-neptuinian planetoid and later shows signs of progress when he's able to briefly apologize to Penny without drinking any alcohol.

The Big Bang Theory's second season contained twenty-three episodes aired between September 22, 2008 and May 11, 2009. The show was renewed for a further two seasons in March 2009. The Big Bang Theory ranked #44 in the ratings at the end of its second season.

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