Lewis Black to guest star Posted August 13, 2009

Lewis Black to guest star

As we reported yesterday on our Twitter account & our Articles page, comedian Lewis Black is to guest star on The Big Bang Theory. Black will appear in the second episode of this season.

CBS Press Release: Multi-talented stand-up comedian, actor and author Lewis Black will guest star this fall in the second episode of THE BIG BANG THEORY, appearing as a brilliant but troubled professor of entomology who works at Caltech with the guys.

Lewis Black will be playing the role of Professor Crawley, a university entomologist whose life is falling apart - his department's being shut down because of budget cutbacks; his wife left him for someone who studies birds; and he's moving in with his daughter in Oxnard... not Oxnard on the beach, Oxnard by the onion fields. But, none of that is as aggravating as Sheldon (Jim Parsons), who keeps pestering him to settle a bet with Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) about a cricket - hardly a worthy question for a man with a dung beetle named after him.  

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RICHROD United States, 01:39 Mar 9 2012.
no Chevy Chase, Will Ferrell, Adam Corrolla or other no talent hacks the show is perfect with out these I lost my fifteen minutes of fame guys
Killer Bot aka M.A.R.T.Y United States, 22:33 Sep 18 2009.
Chevy Chase is a must! And I think they should bring on Carrie Fisher and have Howard hook up with her! Since he has a picture of her in his wallet.
Anonymous United States, 17:44 Sep 17 2009.
They NEED to bring in Chevy Chase to play Leonard's father as a nod to Christmas Vacation. even if it is only as a Sweeps gimmick... :)
Betsy From Chicago United States, 15:42 Aug 22 2009.
I was at the taping of the show on Tuesday, August 18th (2 episode of season 3) and it was HILARIOUS! The episode is called "The Jiminy Conjecture." If you want my show notes that I posted to my Facebook account, feel free to email me and I will send them to you. No worries... there are no real spoilers. It's mostly "behind the scenes" kinda stuff. Thanks for the great fan site! I've book-marked you! Hugs! Betsy Hvns2Betsy@comcast.net P.S.Like all of their episode titles, this one DOES have a referecne to a cricket. It's a VERY funny episode!
Anonymous Canada, 16:50 Aug 21 2009.
Apparently this episode is supposed to be called the Jiminy Conjecture. I'm assuming it'll be some Jiminy Cricket joke or something.

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