CBS, Warner Bros. close to 'Big' renewal Posted January 11, 2011

CBS, Warner Bros. close to 'Big' renewal

CBS and Warner Bros. TV are reportedly close to sealing a three season renewal deal for The Big Bang Theory. According to Variety, CBS and Warner Bros. have been quietly negotiating for some time and have reached agreement on the major points. The deal would keep the show on CBS through 2014 and would call for 22 episodes per season.

The deal would reportedly net the show a license fee of around $4 million per episode, a large increase from the show's current fee of little over $1m. The renewal would secure the show through its seventh season. Reps from CBS & Warner Bros. TV declined to comment to Variety.

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krys United States, 14:49 Jan 12 2011.
Its a done deal now.
sambo United Kingdom, 14:23 Jan 12 2011.
with this we will b getting at least 7 seasons which is all gd for me
Winston Tsai Taiwan, 11:37 Jan 12 2011.
Now that is what i called humor with intelligent people. Nice story concept and perfect casting. WIsh you have asian genius rivals like the korean kid episode, i think it will also get the attention of Asian viewers. Thanks and more power with the show. By the way, i am also fan of Green Lantern that is where you got me. : )
mookie United States, 03:54 Jan 12 2011.
yes! this is my fave sitcom! i love me some johnny galecki!!
Fonda H. Canada, 22:44 Jan 11 2011.
I will love it if they get another 3 seasons, as long as the writing and the show's content keeps the same as it has been I will keep being pleased.
Heather Malcolm Canada, 21:21 Jan 11 2011.
This makes me happier than when they announced the TARDIS speakers at CES 2011!
curious Canada, 21:20 Jan 11 2011.
As long as the quality is the same and the charm is still there, I think that's awesome.
houser78 United States, 21:15 Jan 11 2011.
great news...just wonder, how the story is going to be to keep us hoocked?

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