Episode 4.21 Ratings Posted April 30, 2011

Episode 4.21 Ratings

Thursday's episode of The Big Bang Theory finished second in all key metrics, ranking behind Fox's American Idol.

"The Agreement Dissection" was watched by 10.71 million people and scored a 6.4/11 rating in households. The show scored a 3.3/10 rating in the key adults 18-49 demographic.

More about the episode

'The Agreement Dissection' - Season 4, Episode 21
Airs April 28, 2011 at 8/7c on CBS.

After Priya inspects the roomate agreement and disputes many of Sheldon's terms, he takes refuge with the girls.

Comments (17)

thespanish Spain, 09:51 May 30 2011.
muy bueno, muy bueno
JIM PARSONS FAN!!! hayley hehe Canada, 18:18 May 14 2011.
OMG i never noticed that though hahh i guess i was too caught up in it haha but alot of shows are like that haha and i find that there losing viewers now by the whole new conseversy with the new characters
ks India, 22:27 May 13 2011.
in this episode sheldon says he's never kissed any woman other than his sister, mother and meemaw.. however there was an episode earlier when he was kissed by leonard's mother... in this episode sheldon says he knows so many forms of dance and dances with amy, in an episode in season 3, when penny was dating leonard, she told him to come dance with her, and then sheldon says, when i subscribed to the multiple universe theory, in none of them am i dancing. i might be a clown made of candy in one of them, but i dont dance...... this episode is highly full of mistakes.. i dunno why they keep trying to contradict themselves
JIM PARSONS FAN!!- hayley!! hehe Canada, 15:37 May 13 2011.
i go along with what "NO" said haha its a good way to get rid of Pyria heheheh!!! well to get her away from the guys haah she can still come in the show because of raj her brother buts thats all or she could just be pennys friend ahah
roberta Brazil, 12:06 May 11 2011.
This episode was the best of the entire season....I watched twice in a row
Alia Chile, 19:14 May 5 2011.
This episode is the only one worth to watch from this season. I'm not saying the others are awful, they're good, but the season compleatly lost it. Please re watch season 2, maybe it's too much to ask, but i think it is the best season of a sit come ever made.
Christina Australia, 11:13 May 5 2011.
awesome eposode, leaves me wondering if something is going to happen between sheldon and amy, but then that ruins sheldons character in the show :/
Ged United Kingdom, 08:50 May 5 2011.
I think the comments made by 'NO' are very valid and shpuld maybe be noted by the script writters. Something like that happening would cause major distruptions with the group dynamics. If you remember, Raj's parents tried to do the same to him in an earlier season. Well done on the thought.
Vineet India, 00:52 May 5 2011.
hilarious episode . . i am from India . . and a big fan of kunal nayyar . . just waiting to c his part in being sheldon's rommie ;-)
egobraian Spain, 15:28 May 3 2011.
muy bueno :) aunque hasta el final sheldon me dio pena, no me gusta que le puteen, aunque haveces pueda ser insoportable :) glorioso final :) Tal y como esta llendo la serie me gusta, y esa aparente intencion de que sheldon se involucre en cosas que hacen las personas normales no esta mal, sobretodo como reacciona.

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