Episode 4.23 Ratings Posted May 13, 2011

Episode 4.23 Ratings

Last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory finished a solid second behind Fox's American Idol and posted small gains on last week's performance.

The penultimate episode of the season was watched by 10.46m people, up by around 20,000 people on last week, and scored a 7.9/13 rating in households. "The Engagement Reaction" scored a 3.2/11 rating in the key adults 18-49 demographic. The Big Bang Theory finished second in all key metrics.

More about the episode

'The Engagement Reaction' - Season 4, Episode 23
Airs May 12, 2011 at 8/7c on CBS.

After Howard finally tells his mother he's engaged to Bernadette, she ends up in the hospital. Meanwhile, it's bad news for Leonard as Penny and Priya bond.

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Bazzinged Peru, 13:03 Jun 11 2011.
It was a great season, with highs and lows. The addition of new characters gives more to experiment on the nerdinnes of relationships. I totally loved Priya and the turmoil caused on our geeks static lifes. Also Amy is a great dead pan snarker. The only thing I regret is the long time I have to wait to see how the Raj/Penny cliffhanger resolves, and if the lovely Priya would not be put on a bus. Hope not.
Pomita Italy, 18:59 May 30 2011.
@Mary - I'm no expert, but as far as a quick net search tells me, the acromion process seems to be pretty much around where Sheldon was instructed to message, i.e. on the shoulder blade. The reference to the myofascial point (a muscular region which has got irritated) also seems accurate. The show remains about as scientifically authentic as a TV sitcom can be.
Mary Canada, 17:50 May 20 2011.
Amy - whether or not she knows anything about neuroanatomy remains to be seen but she knows nothing about the skeletal system. The acromion process is no where near where she instructed Sheldon to massage with his hand. A science show...should know such things...ie. Amy, when bragging about her knowlege...should know these things.
Canada, 10:54 May 20 2011.
Amy is destroying this show, simply put.
Eric Germany, 08:56 May 20 2011.
I don't see why so many people here are complaining about this season. The new charakters are not that bad... Amy for example is really fun to watch. OK, there should be more geek and nerd jokes and the plots should not always be about sex and relationships, but still the show keeps me interested and laughing... Altough I thought that climax with Raj and Amy in this episode went a little bit too far for my taste... Should be interesting to watch how they resolve this.
Jill Canada, 06:46 May 20 2011.
Tiresome episode - which is too bad, season 4 was actually pretty good in general. The science is definitely slipping though (Amy's work and the comments on psychology thrown around this season were painful) and the show is more relationship based now. Who would have thought in season 1 that Leonard would apparently be such a stud?
fabio Portugal, 06:39 May 20 2011.
the episode ended with a "see you next year". but fall season is in September right?
layla Canada, 01:27 May 20 2011.
to the people complaining about season 4, you're idiots... this show would be so pathetic if the characters didn't achieve some amount of growth and maturity (as is the natural order of real life/relationships).. there's only so much material you can write for a bunch of nerdy misfits..ohh no they're having sex they've changed.. big deal. grow up
DKC Canada, 00:45 May 20 2011.
I still love the show, but must admit this season has been full of changes and accelerated relationships. Having Howard be engaged seemed awfully fast, and it is difficult to imagine him married, Maybe the writers are going to make that relationship on and off like Penny and Leonard. Absurd that Penny is so quick to sack up with Raj, and supposedly too drunk to realize she did. The show is supposed to make us laugh, not spin our heads as to who is going to be sleeping with them next. Geeks never get this much action.
Kujo Canada, 00:25 May 20 2011.
Im done wth this show. They destroyed all the characters.Sheldon used to be funny when he was just that weird guy , now every time i hear him whine I wanna kick him in the face! they keep saying their friends with him when clearly they cant stand each other. Howard was way funnier when he was the creepy single guy on his escapades. and Rag proved to be nothing more than a gimmick. Penny used to be that cute untouchable girl next door, now I lost all respect in her cuz she slep with as Sheldon puts it 36 mates (i guess 37 with Rag now . Leanard is the only one ok now. Seriously the writers should get their head out of their asses and do better story telling like how i met your mother!

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