The Big Bang Theory enters syndication

The Big Bang Theory enters syndication

The Big Bang Theory today enters syndication in the United States. The show will now air five nights a week on local stations across the US starting with the first ever episode. You can find your local showtimes on the website, which also features videos and exclusive downloads about the show.

TBS will also be airing the show on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting tomorrow, September 20th. You can find The Big Bang Theory games, downloads and listings at

  Posted September 19, 2011 in The Big Bang Theory.

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BlackWhiteRose Germany, 04:42 Sep 20 2011.
Love that website!
Eg Denmark, 22:09 Sep 19 2011.
Oh okay, thanks! :)
Administrator, 16:41 Sep 19 2011.
Syndication, put simply, means that US fans can now enjoy reruns of The Big Bang Theory five nights a week on their local TV stations. The new season airing on CBS is not affected in any way.
jesus  Mexico, 15:37 Sep 19 2011.
que es la sindicacion??? afectara el estreno de temporada esta sindicacion??
jinki United States, 15:21 Sep 19 2011.
cool but if they show any on same time as regular showing, then it's a tough choice although i'd go for the regular.
Eg Denmark, 14:59 Sep 19 2011.
Okay, this might sound a bit stupid, but what does syndication mean ? ;)
Lino Fiji, 14:45 Sep 19 2011.
This is so AWESOME

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