Kaley Cuoco on her new Priceline commercials

Kaley Cuoco was interviewed by the Shatner Project about her new Priceline.com commercials with William Shatner. Cuoco stars in the commercials as the daughter of The Negotiator, played by Shatner. Check out the interview from the official William Shatner YouTube channel below.

  Posted January 21 2013 in Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting.

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Bob Plunkett Canada, 20:17 Dec 17 2013.
Big bang is great & Kaley is the best actress around in my view
Michelle United States, 17:20 Feb 12 2013.
It's cantonese. she says "you still owe him 5 bucks"
munkeyciao United States, 15:00 Feb 10 2013.
Na ja donkoy monk- I slept with the monk
Maureen United States, 13:48 Feb 4 2013.
What does she say at the end of the commercial????
charlie United States, 01:00 Feb 3 2013.
what does she say at the end
SAM United States, 08:39 Jan 29 2013.
What's the joke at the end of the priceline commercial ?
Jeff United States, 20:10 Jan 25 2013.
Might be funnier if Shatner appears in character as TJ Hooker who'd never heard of Kirk: "Sorry, don't know a Captain Kirk. He doesn't work in my precinct, does he?"
Tony Stark Canada, 16:00 Jan 24 2013.
Hopefully, Kaley will convince William Shatner to appear on TBBT, either as himself, or in character as Captain James T. Kirk. Maybe Bill can reprise his 'Get a Life' speech from SNL in December 1986.
Larry United States, 15:46 Jan 23 2013.
Congrats We'll over due Please say yes to. Leonard. It would so neat and big. The biggest thing to happen on tv. I'm so happy. Can't wait. Love you guys and gals great job. Larry
pat c United States, 15:03 Jan 23 2013.
I love all of you.....but I don't understand why you all order all that food and then NEVER eat it. very wasteful and seems a silent statement for consumption. We have hungry people around you know. be more aware

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