The Big Bang Theory LEGO set released Posted August 1, 2015

The Big Bang Theory LEGO set released

LEGO has today released an officially licensed The Big Bang Theory set based on Leonard and Sheldon's living room. The 484 piece set includes seven mini-figures of the main characters: Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy and Bernadette. The detailed apartment set also features a whiteboard, DNA helix model, a telescope, and a variety of ornaments from the guys' living room.

The set was created by two LEGO fan designers, Ellen Kooijman from Sweden and Glen Bricker from the USA, who submitted their design to the LEGO IDEAs website. After 10,000 people supported the project, it was put before LEGO's Review Board last year. In November 2014, LEGO announced The Big Bang Theory set would become a reality.

The Big Bang Theory LEGO Set

The set is now available to order from the LEGO Shop. Recommended for ages 12+, the set also includes a booklet with information about the show and the fan designers.

Buy The Big Bang Theory LEGO set from the LEGO Shop

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Comments (6)

Dave Canada, 21:49 Sep 19 2015.
check out Halifax chronicle herald on line sat 19 sept 2015, this will knock your socks off, if you believe in body double existing, no offense to Mr Parsons just thoroughly coincidental and bizarre!
Don United States, 01:52 Aug 17 2015.
Get a life of all the things in the world to be pissed about you have to choose a joke or two about animal testing good
Linda United States, 21:11 Aug 8 2015.
got mine. This will be a winter fun project.
Tina United States, 00:08 Aug 8 2015.
So excited to get my set! I come from a family of mathemations, scientists and engineers. We can totally relate, we even have our own white boards... lol. You don't like the show so don't watch it or read about it. You don't know these people personally. Of low morality... you don't know these people. Some of them are actually animal rights activists. It's not your job to judge these people. Go read an article about something you do like.
m wolf United States, 17:33 Aug 4 2015.
This show does jokes about animal testing animal testing is wrong and nothing to joke about..the proof can be found by typing animal testing jokes on big bang theory..the writers and and actors are of low morality. .and should be tested on ..see if they think its funny then..
Rachel Heller United States, 14:02 Aug 1 2015.
I just ordered a The Big Bang Theory Lego Set. I am so excited. One Holiday present down. Yippee!

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