The Big Bang Theory Spoiler Round-up Posted August 29, 2015

The Big Bang Theory Spoiler Round-up

With a little over three weeks to go until The Big Bang Theory's ninth season premiere, spoilers of what to expect in the new season are starting to flow out. Here's a round-up of what's been reported over the past few days:

TVLine revealed the conclusion to Leonard and Penny's marital cliffhanger from the eighth season finale. When we last saw them, Leonard and Penny were driving to Vegas to get married, but their wedding plans were thrown in doubt when Leonard admitted kissing another woman during his time at sea.

The Force Awakens, the upcoming Star Wars movie, will be discussed on the show this season, executive producer Steve Molaro confirmed to TVLine. With the guys being such huge fans of the franchise, Molaro said it would be weird for them to not mention the film. They're not sure yet on how the film will play into a story line, but it won't be ignored.

The Big Bang Theory guys will be taking a physics-themed road trip, according to's Spoiler Room. The guys will travel to Mexico in the van of the late theoretical physicist Richard Feynman.'s Spoiler Room also recently reported that Laurie Metcalf and Keith Carradine will be reprising their role as Sheldon's mother and Penny's father, respectively, in upcoming episodes. Laurie Metcalf will guest star as Mary Cooper in the season premiere, while Keith Carradine will make his second appearance as Wyatt in the third episode of the season.

Finally, TVLine reported earlier this month that Leonard's "other woman" had been cast. Melissa Tang, who recent had a recurring role on Chuck Lorre's Mom, will play Mandy, the woman Leonard admitted kissing during his North Sea expedition two years ago. 

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Namcitah Namibia, 05:16 Sep 15 2015.
So far I like the show, going exactly as it should, though they must move away from Penny a bit, its too much, but nonetheless its to be expected.
joe m United States, 14:39 Sep 12 2015.
this is in answer to terry comment. terry, the reason the shows story lines are what they are now is because the show has matured and the characters have matured, unfortunately I see you haven't, the show right now is the best its ever been and I hope they comtinue on with to story lines. I sincerely believe if it does continue as it is now the show will last longer than than were worried it will.
Al Canada, 23:54 Sep 3 2015.
Penny drinks too much and sets a bad example. I agree that she is too much a focus on the show.
Mandvi Saxena India, 16:43 Sep 1 2015.
I really miss the previous seasons.This show was all abt nerds,genius scientists and thier life choices,but now its all about a blonde chick Penny.We started loving this show because of its creative writing and its extraordinary idea abt how they made nerdy and sciencey stuff fun....not because it has a hot blonde on the show.Its target audience are people with brains....they wont stay with the show if these writers make it a chick flick. I just dont get it how did the whole show started circling around only Penny...Its really starting to get boring...I hated some off the season 8 episodes.Penny's character was there to balance the nerdiness..She used to be a struggling actress and a street smart..Now suddenly she is so successful..making more money..I mean it makes no sense.TBBT was never about love and relationships...It wasnt TBBT genre.Adding Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch's character was pure genius.They both only increased the charm of the show and didnt steal the essense of the show.Writers and producers are maybe giving complete attention to Penny's character to increase shows viewership...but they are killing TBBT franchise.
terry United States, 20:24 Aug 29 2015.
i hope that penny is there to stay.

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