The Big Bang Theory casts Sheldon's Meemaw Posted January 7, 2016

The Big Bang Theory casts Sheldon's Meemaw

The Big Bang Theory has finally cast one of the show's often mentioned but not yet seen characters, Sheldon's beloved grandmother or "Meemaw".

According to, actress June Squibb has been cast in the role and will be appearing in an upcoming episode of the show, set to air in February.

The Academy Award nominated actress has previously appeared in three of Chuck Lorre's shows: Mom, Mike & Molly, and Two and a Half Men.

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Comments (9)

Darrell  United States, 13:27 Jan 24 2016.
She is beautiful, my mum was also. Rock on Sheldon.
Sarah Canada, 23:57 Jan 21 2016.
I quite enjoy TBBT and as i'm concerned(everyone in cast & crew willing), I would welcome it for years. By the way, I have two brothers like Sheldon & Leonard and I kind of grew up with that type of interaction, so I can relate. :)
Sofia United States, 12:03 Jan 14 2016.
I adore this show%u203C%uFE0F
Peggy Hallett Canada, 17:22 Jan 8 2016.
How about Cybill Shepherd as Penny's mom, and Tim Conway as the Super?
Rebecca, colorado United States, 15:41 Jan 8 2016.
The big bang can do no wrong, it is fun in every dimension. Please see cbs4 news date 1/7/16, a young man with cerebral palsy had boxes of his comic books etc stolen, can u cheer him?
Gayle United States, 14:22 Jan 8 2016.
I'm so glad we get to meet MeeMaw!!
Judy Scholz United States, 11:10 Jan 8 2016.
Why not use Tin Whiskers to explain how a good idea goes' a rye or how a Tin Whisker can grow from almost no ware. Or how Tin Whiskers becomes an excuse for the guys to over use as an excuse and expiation for bubo's and gets out of control
Sarah Garner Crews United States, 20:21 Jan 7 2016.
Love the show and hope in the future they cast someone in the role of Sheldon's Brother and Leonard's Sister,Oh and it would be so cool for Howard and Bernadette to have a baby now. And please a girlfriend or Boyfriend for Raj,love the show!
Samantha  Italy, 17:25 Jan 7 2016.
Sorry pls don't stop to do the episodes...I love "the big bang theory " and...... I LOVE SHELDON <3 Thanksssss :-)

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