915 'The Valentino Submergence' Pictures Posted February 8, 2016

We have added pictures from this week's episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Valentino Submergence", to our gallery. In the episode, Sheldon and Amy host a live special Valentine's Day episode of Fun with Flags, Leonard and Penny struggle with getting older, Howard and Bernadette find something unexpected in their hot tub, and Raj feels torn between Emily and the girl he met at the comic book store.

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'The Valentino Submergence' - Season 9, Episode 15
Airs February 11, 2016 at 8/7c on CBS.

Sheldon and Amy host a live Valentine's Day episode of Fun with Flags, Leonard and Penny grapple with getting older, Howard and Bernadette find a surprise in their hot tub and Raj is torn between Emily and the cute girl he met at the Comic Bookstore.

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big joe United States, 15:03 Feb 14 2016.
you see some of the comments above, its about time lelnard and penny have their own place even if its just across the hall. my god is that so far away that Sheldon the baby couldn't put up with it. after 9 years isn't it about time Sheldon grew up a little bit, I measn come on , he acts like a 10 yuear old sometimes.im probably wasting my time here but its REALLY time Lenard and penny have their own life. as one person said "the three of them living tgogether is un natural"
Sandra Padilla United States, 22:44 Feb 13 2016.
An episode Idea would be a dream sequence where 'Leonard and Sheldon switch mothers'.
Cryptokity United States, 20:47 Feb 12 2016.
Very funny episode. Loved Howard's reaction to caring for the bunny and Amy's line about blinking her eyes not being morse code. Kripke was so funny. However, two couples clashing at 4A when Leonard and Penny have 4B all to themselves continues to prove how overdue changing living arrangements are. Happy for Howardette and it is good to see them being sweet again. Not sure what is happening with Raj, but move him in with Sheldon. Also weird Sheldon would care how many dates Amy had since he chose to reconcile with her after learning that information and Amy didn't start dating until Sheldon unsuccessfully asked out two women. So just because Sheldon didn't date didn't mean he didn't try. Glad to see Shamy are working towards stronger communication and a better relationship, and hope Lenny can do the same.
Kathy United States, 14:46 Feb 12 2016.
Can anyone please stop the narration. It's not like we need to be told what they're doing.
Dina Canada, 11:37 Feb 12 2016.
I must say that I did not enjoy the so called "valentine" show at all. I thought it was sort of cobbled together and not well written and thought out like other shows have been. Raj especially - has been so lonely (so he says) for so long and now has a woman and breaks up with her for another one. How ridiculous!
Peter Australia, 00:27 Feb 12 2016.
I think it's great they didn't have a big wedding. Who wants to see the same old stuff again and again. I love that they eloped together and did it for themselves and by themselves. As far as the living arrangements I am also enjoying the three cohabitating. Shelton on his own would not work and he and Amy living together would be disappointing and dull. The show was far more Sheldon oriented in the first seasons. He can be very annoying at times but he is less so now than earlier seasons.
big joe United States, 16:22 Feb 10 2016.
thank you Mario, but we need more fans to get the word out. example; howard and bernadete have their own place, yes they had stuart for a while but he is half as obnoxious as Sheldon, and they got rid of him and are now alone and are still part of the circle. ;enard and penny living alone isn't going to ruin the show if anything it would make it better. have amy move in fwith Sheldon and let her put up with him, or witgh howard and Bernadette give them a turn living with him. maybe the apartment has to be fumigated and pennys apartment is too small, good way for them to get rid of that obnoxious bastard for a while. please more Lenard and penny fans SPEAK UP.
mario United States, 11:05 Feb 9 2016.
Agree with Big Joe comments. Penny and Leonard should have had a formal wedding ceremony. After 8 yrs. think they deserved that. Maybe the producers will make amends with a formal renewal of their vows ceremony for season finale. Also, they have to get into their own apartment and away from Sheldon. This kind of relationship is unnatural and if they are keeping it for comedic effect, they can still do it from separate apartments. Who ever heard of a newly married couple living with a man-child like Sheldon
big joe United States, 16:43 Feb 8 2016.
question, is penny married to leonard or Sheldon? if Lenard why are they living with the obnoxious Sheldon?why didn't Lenard and penny have a real wedding like howard and bernadete? the answer, SHELDON, SHELDON,SHELDON. EONOUGH OF SHELDON, help me out here Lenard and penny fans, comment or complain although I don't think it will matter much, the TBBT is actually the SHELDON, SHELDON,SHELDON, SHELDON, show.
Butch Riley United States, 16:28 Feb 8 2016.
Ok when show started Sheldon had the asamatic problem. But after the 1st show it is necer mentioned and Leondard is asmatic. 2nd I listen to old time radio on sat radio. The host,said at one time Sheldon and Leonard were named for old time actors any truth to that?

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