Warner's official site Posted September 5, 2008

Warner's official site

Warner Bros. launched a website for the official release of the show on DVD in the U.S. & Canada. The site has episode descriptions, cast bios, some backgrounds for your desktop and a fun "IQ" test!

Visit the official Big Bang Theory DVD site.

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Eowana Jordan United States, 17:59 Dec 7 2015.
My husband has a PHd in geodetic or is it geodesic science.. I never can remember.. I am from Nebraska too.. haha.. but I have a masters in library science!! Anyway, he gets all the double meanings to science jokes..I Love your show and have little gifts for the guys. Where do I mail them?
Michael Devney United States, 11:51 Mar 16 2014.
I would suggest that the yellow warning tape on the elevator doors in the set be in Klingon (If anyone has invented Vulcan or Romulan that would be funny too) every now and then - just for the laughs - You have a great show. Michael Devney
Raymond Rowe United Kingdom, 05:23 Mar 8 2014.
Inspired by and written whilst watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory, check out Katie Nicholas's Big Bang Theory song and video 'Chemistry' ... http://go2it.org/tbbt or check her out on Newusb Radio... http://go2it.org/p6b2v
Glenda United States, 17:26 Mar 6 2014.
Does anyone know what Sheldons ringtone is. My brother is going crazy trying to figure it out
William United States, 22:12 Mar 5 2014.
What the hell? Chinese food prostitute??? Do you know how racist that is?
mellykins United Kingdom, 09:05 Feb 24 2014.
hen are you going to teach your actors how to act and eat at the same time. I'm a bit fed up with seeing them ALL push food around their plates awaiting their next line. Tell them they can talk with food in their mouths, most of us do.
Helene Germany, 12:40 Feb 19 2014.
Please make the 52 episodes "Sheldon Cooper present Fun with Flags".
John United Kingdom, 17:48 Nov 28 2013.
Hey guys..Chuck..i love the show.. Stumbled across it.. Rather was introduced to it by my son of 13 (at the time).. I'm an engineerby trade and build power stations and love the sciences.. The humour and references stroke accord.. That and Penny.. Haha.. Anyways to my points.. chick.. I've watch most of the episodes since being introduced... And still enjoy them.. However I have one question.. What has changed since the sixth series as the seventh is missing something.. Have writers changed.. Loss of caring or understanding of the characters.. I'm nod sure what it is.. But I'm somethng is affecting the chemistry.. On another note.. I would love to see a movie., somethig along the lines of inbetweeners from the uk however set in a different context.. I've got a few ideas if you're interesed.. I come cheap too.. ;)
Denise Brazil, 20:48 Oct 25 2013.
The last episode was the best! Howard is a great composer and also very romantic!
Jimmy M United States, 20:35 Oct 11 2013.
The latest episode missed the point of "Raiders of the Lost Ark," the point that Indiana Jones learned to believe in God. In the context of that moral lesson, it makes perfect sense that God's actions, rather than Indy's, decide the movie's main outcome. However, Indy does take two actions that make a big difference in the movie's outcome. (1) Indy acts on his belief in God by closing his eyes in reverence when the Ark of the Covenant is opened, and (2) Indy spreads his faith by instructing Marion to do the same. Thus, Indy's act of faith and his subsequent "evangelism" of Marion allow him and her to both survive the end of the movie. If they hadn't survived, the Ark would have been lost again with no clues for finding its location -- because any other Nazis who camo to investigate would have been destroyed by the wrath of God. Also, if Indy hadn't survived, he couldn't have later found the Holy Grail and used it to heal his father. Thus, "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is ultimately a metaphor for the futility of human action and human will (the benchmarks of Nazism) in the face of the Almighty God, and the need to surrender to God's will. If Sheldon accepted those facts, then his enjoyment of "Raiders" would be doubled, but he will likely find this Judeo-Christian moral unsettling.

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