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Season 5 DVD

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Enjoy the complete fifth season of The Big Bang Theory again with this three-disc DVD box-set. All twenty-four episodes of the show's fifth season are presented along with never-before-seen bonus features.

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Season Recap

The Big Bang Theory's fifth season sees more charcacter development as Sheldon settles into his relationship with Amy, Howard and Bernadette's wedding approaches, and Leonard and Penny restart their relationship.

The season starts with Penny and Raj dealing with the aftereffects of their night together. Leonard comes to terms with Priya's decision to move back to India, deciding to try make their relationship work long distance. Howard's pending nuptials suffer a change in trajectory when Howard's asked by NASA to go into space. Leonard realizes he can't have a meaningful relationship with Priya long distance and breaks things off.

In the show's one-hundredth episode, Leonard and Penny decide to start things up again and enter a new "beta test" stage in their relationship. Howard prepares for his space voyage and marriage to Bernadette.

In the fifth season finale, Howard and Bernadette decide to get married before Howard goes to space. The couple decide to get married on the roof of the guys' apartment building and have all their friends officiate the wedding. After the wedding, Howard blasts off into space as his wife and friends watch on TV back in the apartment.

The Big Bang Theory's fifth season contained twenty-four episodes aired between September 22, 2011 and May 12, 2012. During the season, The Big Bang Theory became the #1 sitcom on U.S. TV and was 8th most watched TV program. The Big Bang Theory entered syndication during its fifth season.