Episode Titles: Maternal

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  • The behavior or feelings typically demonstrated by mothers in relation to their children.
  • Connected to the mother's side of the family.
  • The Maternal Capacitance

    Season 2, Episode 15 - The Maternal Capacitance
    Aired February 9, 2009

    A visit from Leonard's mother, Dr. Beverly Hofstadter, brings misery for the gang, except for Sheldon who is enamored with Leonard's overly analytical mother. Leonard and Penny feel closer together with their shared discomfort around Leonard's mother, Howard and Raj are uneasy at Dr. Hofstadter's view of their friendship, while Sheldon and Beverly bond.

  • The Maternal Congruence

    Season 3, Episode 11 - The Maternal Congruence
    Aired December 14, 2009

    Leonard's mother, Dr. Beverly Hofstadter, is in town over the Christmas holiday. His mother's visit is distressing for Leonard, especially after she finds out about his relationship with Penny. Sheldon, however, is pleased to spend time with Dr. Hofstadter, whose analytical mind he finds enthralling.

  • The Maternal Combustion

    Season 8, Episode 23 - The Maternal Combustion
    Aired April 30, 2015

    When Sheldon and Leonard receive an award for the paper they co-wrote together, their mothers both pay a visit to Pasadena. Meeting for the first time, sparks fly between Mary Cooper and Dr. Beverly Hofstadter when they don't see eye to eye on religion or psychiatry.

    Meanwhile, Bernadette has had enough of feeling like a mother to three teenage boys, so Howard, Stuart and Raj are told to clean the kitchen.