The Maternal Conclusion Season 12, Episode 22 -  Aired May 9, 2019

The Maternal Conclusion

Leonard wonders what's going on when Beverly visits and shows an interest in his work. Meanwhile, Stuart and Denise consider their options when Howard and Bernadette tire of them staying at their house.

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Guest Stars: Kevin Sussman as Stuart, Christine Baranski as Beverly Hofstadter, Lauren Lapkus as Denise, Rati Gupta as Anu, Todd Giebenhain as Mitch

Writers: Steve Holland (Story), Eric Kaplan (Story), Jeremy Howe (Story), Maria Ferrari (Teleplay), Andy Gordon (Teleplay), Anthony Del Broccolo (Teleplay)

Director: Kristy Cecil

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Episode Notes

  • The title refers to Leonard and Beverly working through their issues when she comes to visit.

Episode Quotes

Sheldon: I'm looking over my text correspondence with Beverly and I don't see anything that would have given her offense. Nothing's ambiguous, I spell everything out. Including "laugh out loud" and "what's the fracas?"

Amy: Are you really not gonna pick up your mother?
Leonard: No. It's fine, she likes to take a cab or a shuttle. That way she can meet people.
Amy: Well, that's kind of nice.
Leonard: Yeah, she always says that a stranger is just a person whose emotional weak point you haven't found yet.
Sheldon: Your mom is the best.

Bernadette: When does Anu come back from London?
Raj: Next week. But it's been good, you know? Really given me a chance to focus on myself.
Howard: How's that going?
Raj: I didn't like what I saw, got in my car, drove over here.

Howard: It just feels like Denise is basically living with us. You know, maybe you can spend half the time at her place.
Stuart: Hey, when I moved in, you and Bernadette said it was okay if I brought girls over.
Howard: [laughs] Oh. We were making fun of you.

Leonard: How was your flight?
Beverly Hofstadter: There were some parents with a baby. A lot of crying.
Leonard: Well, babies do that.
Beverly Hofstadter: No, it was the parents. It seems they couldn't handle some constructive criticism.

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In the apartment, Sheldon asks Leonard when he’s leaving to pick his mother up at the airport. Leonard says never and insists his mother prefers to take the shuttle or a cab; that way she can meet people and figure out their emotional weak spots. When Sheldon decides to he should go pick Beverly up, Amy points out he doesn’t drive. Leonard argues Sheldon can’t pick her up as it would make him look like a bad son. After Penny says Leonard should pick up his mother, he relents and she agrees to go with him. Sheldon claims the backseat, prompting Amy to worry that she will be the only one not to go. Leonard insists he can pick his mother up on his own. When he gets there, Beverly questions why it’s just him.

As Leonard drives his mother back from the airport, he asks how her flight was. Beverly says there were parents with a baby and a lot of crying. It turns out the parents couldn’t handle a little constructive criticism. After Leonard says he wouldn’t be offended if Beverly would rather stay at a hotel, he is surprised when Beverly says she’s been looking forward to staying with him.

When Raj joins Howard and Bernadette for dinner in their kitchen, he tells them that Anu gets back from London next week. After Denise comes into the kitchen to grab a drink, Bernadette asks her if Stuart is home. Denise says he’s at work. After Denise adds an item to the grocery list on the fridge, Raj says he has noticed Denise has been over here a lot lately. Bernadette points out Denise has slept over every night this week.

In the apartment, Penny and Leonard tell Beverly about his new role as the co-lead of a photon entanglement team. Leonard is surprised when Beverly says she would enjoy seeing his lab. After Beverly turns in for the night, Penny remarks how nice she is being. Leonard believes one of them must be dying.

In his bedroom, Raj answers a video call from Anu in London. After he asks how the conference is going, Anu explains the reason she called: she’s been offered a management position in London and they want her to start right away. After Raj wonders what this means for their relationship, Anu asks how committed he is to staying in California. Raj says it’s where his work and friends are. When she asks if he’s happy, Raj says not for years.

At the comic book store, Denise tells Stuart she’s got to head out to her drawing class but says they’ll see each other tonight. After she leaves, Howard wonders why Stuart and Denise don’t spend more time at her place. Stuart explains she has a roommate who’s really creepy. Howard says it feels like Denise is basically living with them, so he suggests that they spend half their time at Denise’s.

As Leonard shows Beverly around his lab, he points her to an advanced laser. After Beverly says it’s very impressive, Leonard is waiting for the “but…”. When Sheldon comes to see “rescue” Beverly from the boredom of experimental physics, she says that’s not necessary and insists it’s quite interesting. Sheldon offers to show her his work, which is being talked about for a Nobel prize, but Beverly says it will have to be later as she’s spending time with her son.

As Stuart and Denise sit down to watch a movie in her apartment, her roommate, Mitch, asks whether he can join them. When he sits down, instead of watching the TV, he stares at Stuart and Denise.

When Raj joins Howard and Bernadette in their kitchen as they prepare dinner, Bernadette asks Raj what Anu staying in London means for their relationship. Raj says it’s great, arguing it’s the push they needed to get married. Bernadette is surprised he’s going to ask Anu to marry him. Raj says why not, pointing out he can work from anywhere as an astronomer. When Howard asks if he’s really going to move halfway across the world, Raj says yes if that’s what Anu wants. Raj says he is flying out tomorrow to surprise her with a ring.

In the apartment, as Leonard makes his mother a drink, Penny tells Beverly how nice it is to see the two of them getting along. Penny says it made him so happy showing her around his lab yesterday. When Beverly asks how happy it made Leonard with multiple choice options, Penny deflects the question. Leonard says it made him really happy as they haven’t always had the best relationship, but he sees now that she was just pushing him to be the best version of himself. After Beverly asks Leonard if he would say her parenting strategies directly contributed to his success, Penny says she deserves some of the credit, too. Beverly admits she hadn’t considered that and asks if she can “observe” the two of them together tomorrow. When Penny asks what’s going on, Beverly admits she’s visiting her son to do research on how different parenting strategies affected her children as adults. Leonard is hurt that this has all been work to her. As Leonard tells his mother he can't believe this, Beverly can see how angry he is.

Over in Sheldon and Amy’s apartment, he tells her he can’t see anything in his correspondence with Beverly that would have offended her. Amy says she’s sure Beverly isn’t mad at him, but Sheldon questions why she would rather spend the day with Leonard then. When Leonard comes into the apartment still in an emotional state, he says he was stupid for believing his mom was genuinely proud of him. He tells them it turns out she was just using him as research for her new book. Sheldon is relieved Beverly is not mad at him. When Leonard says he can have her because he’s done, Sheldon decides to go spend time with Beverly but Amy stops him.

In Howard and Bernadette’s kitchen, Howard says Raj is probably on his way to the airport to finally get his big romantic movie moment. Bernadette points out it’s with a woman who doesn't care about big romantic movie moments. Bernadette tells Howard he can’t really think this is a good idea. Howard says of course he doesn’t, but what is he supposed to do? Bernadette urges him to go stop Raj and get his best friend back.

Back in the apartment, Penny tells Beverly that Leonard was really upset and suggests she go talk to him. Beverly accuses Leonard of having a tantrum. Getting upset, Penny demands Beverly go speak to Leonard, but Beverly accuses her of having a tantrum too. Meanwhile, Leonard wonders when he is going to stop trying to win his mother’s approval. Amy points out the need for a mother’s approval is baked into our biology.

At the comic book store, Denise complains her neck is sore after sleeping in the store overnight. Stuart says he couldn’t stay at her apartment because Mitch was really freaking him out. Denise admits he was freaking her out too, but she thinks there’s got to be a better solution. Denise points out that if Stuart had moved in her when she asked, they wouldn’t be in this situation. Stuart accepts she is right and says it’s his fault. When she wanted him to move in, he was scared and now that he wants to, she’s stuck with Mitch. Denise is thrilled that Stuart does want to move in with her.

When Howard runs up to Raj at the boarding gate, Raj wonders what he’s doing there. Howard tells Raj that if he’s getting on the plane because he loves Anu and can’t stand the thought of spending a day without her, then he should go, but if not, he should stay there with the people who love him. When Raj asks what if this is his last chance at marriage and family. Howard insists there’s a woman out there who loves cooking shows, sweater vests and all the other dumb things he loves. Howard says when he proposes to someone in Notting Hill, it should be someone who knows what that movie is. After Raj paraphrases a quote from the movie and wonders whether Howard is saying he doesn’t want him to leave, they both say they love each other. Howard and Raj hug and walk away from the departure gate.

When Leonard returns home, he asks Penny to give him a moment alone with his mother. After Beverly asks if he’s calmed down yet, Leonard says he’s not calm and that she really hurt him. Beverly claims that wasn’t her intention, but Leonard says it doesn’t matter what she intended. What matters is the way she made him feel;l the way she’s always made him feel. Leonard gets ready to list all the ways she failed him as a mother, but he decides it doesn’t matter as she’s never going to change. Leonard says if he wants her to accept him for him, he’ll have to accept her as she is. When Leonard tells Beverly he forgives her, she says she didn’t ask him to forgive her. Leonard says too bad, he did it anyway. Leonard says he forgives her and he forgives himself for taking so long to do it. When he remarks how good it feels, Beverly admits it does feel good. Beverly tells Leonard that him forgiving her means a lot. Beverly takes off her glasses, stands up and comforts Leonard. After a few moments, Leonard stands up and hugs her back.

In Denise’s apartment, she and Stuart tell Mitch that he wants to move in. When Stuart asks if he would be willing to find another place, Mitch asks Stuart if he loves her. Denise says they haven’t said that yet, but Stuart admits he does. After Mitch has Stuart say it to her, Denise tells Stuart she loves him back.