Guest Star: Lauren Lapkus

You are viewing a list of Lauren Lapkus's 2 appearances on The Big Bang Theory.

  • The Comet Polarization

    Season 11, Episode 21 - The Comet Polarization
    Aired April 19, 2018

    After Stuart's comic book store sees a surge in visitors, he hires Denise to help deal with the new demand.

    Appeared as Denise

  • The Bow Tie Asymmetry

    Season 11, Episode 24 - The Bow Tie Asymmetry
    Aired May 10, 2018

    Stuart asks his new employee, Denise, if she would like to attend Sheldon and Amy's wedding with him. Her answer is no, until she hears Mark Hamill is officiating the ceremony.

    Appeared as Denise

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