Episode Titles: Romance

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  • The Romance Resonance

    The Romance Resonance
    Season 7, Episode 6 - Aired October 24, 2013

    When Sheldon is at the center of an amazing scientific discovery, his excitement soon turns to dismay when he realizes he made a mistake. Meanwhile, to celebrate the anniversary of their first date, Howard surprises Bernadette with a romantic gesture that includes the whole gang. Howard's affectionate display causes Penny to up her romantic game with Leonard.

  • The Romance Recalibration

    The Romance Recalibration
    Season 10, Episode 13 - Aired January 19, 2017

    After Penny starts to feel like Leonard is taking her for granted, she chooses to go on a spa weekend with Amy. When Leonard and Sheldon gatecrash the trip, Sheldon offers to help Leonard and Penny improve their marriage by drafting their very own "relationship agreement."

    Meanwhile, Howard and Raj think up inventive ways to try fix a squeaky floorboard in baby Halley's room.