The Romance Resonance Season 7, Episode 6 -  Aired October 24, 2013

The Romance Resonance

When Sheldon is at the center of an amazing scientific discovery, his excitement soon turns to dismay when he realizes he made a mistake. Meanwhile, to celebrate the anniversary of their first date, Howard surprises Bernadette with a romantic gesture that includes the whole gang. Howard's affectionate display causes Penny to up her romantic game with Leonard.

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Guest Stars: Tom Fonss as Student

Writers: Eric Kaplan (Story), Jim Reynolds (Story), Tara Hernandez (Story), Steven Molaro (Teleplay), Steve Holland (Teleplay), Maria Ferrari (Teleplay)

Director: Mark Cendrowski

Viewers: 16.98 million Households Rating: 11.1/8 Adults 18-49 Rating: 5.2/16

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Episode Lists

  • Howard & Bernadette: Key Episodes Howard & Bernadette: Key Episodes

    The key moments from Howard and Bernadette's relationship including their first date, Howard's proposal, their wedding, and the births of their two children.

Episode Notes

  • The title refers to Howard's romantic gesture for Bernadette and the way it resonated with Bernadette and the group.
  • Howard's song for Bernadette was written by singer-songwriter and comedian Kate Micucci, who played Raj’s ultra-shy ex-girlfriend Lucy in a recurring role on The Big Bang Theory, and her music partner Riki Lindhome, who together are the comedy folk duo Garfunkel and Oates.

Episode Quotes

Sheldon: Sheldon Cooper does not get lucky.
Amy: You and me both, brother.

Sheldon: I've got to find a way to stop this thing.
Leonard: Buddy, I don't think you can. Once it's out there, it's out there. This thing is like the science equivalent of a sex tape.
Sheldon: Frankly, I'd prefer a sex tape.
Leonard: You don't know what a sex tape is, do you?
Sheldon: No.

Bernadette: Great news. A raccoon virus just crossed the species barrier and can now infect humans.
Raj: Why is that great news?
Bernadette: In the pharmaceutical business we have a saying: mo' infections, mo' money.

Penny: Just you wait and see. I'm gonna romance your freakin' ass off.
Leonard: That's beautiful. Is that Shakespeare?

Sheldon: They called it the greatest thing since the Communist party. Although I'm pretty sure the Communist party made them say that. I like China. See, they know how to keep people in line.

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As the gang eats at the Cheesecake Factory, Sheldon is preoccupied with his work. When Howard and Bernadette show up late as she was stuck at work, Bernadette explains a raccoon virus has just crossed the species barrier and can now infect humans. While Bernadette goes to the bathroom, Howard explains that the anniversary of his first date with Bernadette is approaching and he wants to do something for romantic for her. Howard tells them about his plan to write a song and have them all play on it for her.

As Sheldon, Leonard and Penny return to the apartment building, Penny wonders why Leonard has never done anything romantic to celebrate their first date. Leonard tells her she's broken up with him so many times, he wouldn't know which first date to mark. He tells her he does romantic things for her all the time, but wonders if Penny can name one romantic thing she's done for him - excluding sex. Penny tells him she will romance his freakin' ass off. Later, in the apartment, Sheldon finally leaves "the zone" to tell Leonard he thinks he's made a brilliant discovery. 

While the guys eat in the university cafeteria, Howard asks Leonard if he would play the cello on his song for Bernadette and if Raj would play his ukulele. Sheldon arrives to tell the guys about his discovery. A Chinese research team apparently tested Sheldon's technique for creating a new heavy element with promising results. Elsewhere, Penny calls Raj over to help her come up with a romantic gesture for Leonard. Raj isn't much help as all his suggestions have been lifted from movies. Meanwhile, as Amy helps Sheldon catalog the souvenirs from his discovery, Sheldon is disturbed to find he made a big mathematical mistake in his calculations. His great discovery is based on a blunder.

As Leonard drives Sheldon to work, he tells him not to beat himself up about his discovery, but Sheldon is still bothered by all the praise he's wrongly receiving. At lunchtime, Howard tells Leonard and Raj to be at the restaurant for eight. When Sheldon arrives at the cafeteria, he's infuriated to receive a round of applause for his discovery. Later, at the restaurant, the guys wait with their instruments for Bernadette to show up. Sheldon's nightmare gets worse when he receives a substantial grant and a raise. A shaken Howard reveals to the group that there was an accident at Bernadette's lab. She's all right but she's been placed in quarantine at the hospital.

At the hospital, Howard finds Bernadette's quarantine room and talks to her. Bernadette assures him she's fine and it's just a precaution, but next time she'll make two trips when she carries a dozen vials of raccoon virus to the fridge. When Bernadette says she's sorry for ruining their date, Howard tells her not to worry about it as he brought their date to her. Howard tells Bernadette he wrote a song to celebrate the anniversary for their first date, and the guys then perform it for her. Bernadette is visibly moved by Howard's sweet gesture.

Penny's romantic evening for Leonard includes the best Top Ramen she's ever cooked and a trail of rose petals to her bed, where Penny presents Leonard a gift. It's a first edition of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which was Leonard's favorite book growing up and she remembered him saying how great it would be to have a first edition. After Leonard doesn't seem thrilled by her gift, he reveals that he did say that when they were at a used book store together, right before he bought the book. When Penny gets upset that her big romantic gesture fell flat, she shows Leonard all the romantic things he's done for her, including the plane ticket he bought her so she could go home for the holidays, and the rose he left on her windshield just because. Leonard is touched that Penny kept all these things, so they hug lovingly.