Howard & Bernadette: Key Episodes

Howard & Bernadette: Key Episodes

The key moments from Howard and Bernadette's relationship including their first date, Howard's proposal, their wedding, and the births of their two children.

13 episodes

  • The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary

    The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary
    Season 3, Episode 5 - Aired October 19, 2009

    When Raj and Sheldon enter a Mystic Warlords of Ka'a tournament at Stuart's comic book store, Sheldon gets the opportunity to settle an old score with his nemesis, Star Trek: The Next Generation's Wil Wheaton. Meanwhile, Leonard regrets a pact he once made with Wolowitz when he must ask Penny to set him up with one of her friends.

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  • The Vengeance Formulation

    The Vengeance Formulation
    Season 3, Episode 9 - Aired November 23, 2009

    When Barry Kripke pulls a prank on Sheldon which embarrasses him on national radio, Sheldon vows revenge. Meanwhile, Howard tries to keep his new relationship with Bernadette going.

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  • The Hot Troll Deviation

    The Hot Troll Deviation
    Season 4, Episode 4 - Aired October 14, 2010

    Howard is embarrassed when the creepy reason behind his break-up with Bernadette is revealed. Meanwhile, a spat between Sheldon and Raj gets ugly as they engage in office warfare.

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  • The Cohabitation Formulation

    The Cohabitation Formulation
    Season 4, Episode 16 - Aired February 17, 2011

    Raj's sister, Priya, is in town again and rekindles her relationship with Leonard, prompting Penny to reconsider her feelings for him. When Bernadette asks Howard to move in with her, he is forced to choose between his girlfriend and his mother.

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  • The Herb Garden Germination

    The Herb Garden Germination
    Season 4, Episode 20 - Aired April 7, 2011

    After a rumor spreads that Bernadette is planning to break up with Howard, Sheldon and Amy spread their own rumors as a social experiment.

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  • The Countdown Reflection

    The Countdown Reflection
    Season 5, Episode 24 - Aired May 10, 2012

    When Howard and Bernadette decide they want to get married before his space launch, the gang rushes to arrange an impromptu wedding.

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  • The Habitation Configuration

    The Habitation Configuration
    Season 6, Episode 7 - Aired November 8, 2012

    After Sheldon invites Wil Wheaton on to his "Fun with Flags" podcast, he finds himself stuck in the middle of an argument between Amy and Wil. Meanwhile, Howard struggles with moving out of his mother's house.

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  • The Romance Resonance

    The Romance Resonance
    Season 7, Episode 6 - Aired October 24, 2013

    When Sheldon is at the center of an amazing scientific discovery, his excitement soon turns to dismay when he realizes he made a mistake. Meanwhile, to celebrate the anniversary of their first date, Howard surprises Bernadette with a romantic gesture that includes the whole gang. Howard's affectionate display causes Penny to up her romantic game with Leonard.

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  • The Valentino Submergence

    The Valentino Submergence
    Season 9, Episode 15 - Aired February 11, 2016

    Sheldon and Amy host a live Valentine's Day episode of Fun with Flags, Leonard and Penny grapple with getting older, Howard and Bernadette find a surprise in their hot tub and Raj is torn between Emily and the cute girl he met at the Comic Bookstore.

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  • The Positive Negative Reaction

    The Positive Negative Reaction
    Season 9, Episode 16 - Aired February 18, 2016

    When the gang finds out about Bernadette's pregnancy, they celebrate by singing karaoke. Also, Bernadette is concerned when Wolowitz freaks out over her pregnancy announcement, and Wolowitz is convinced he must make more money to provide for the baby.

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  • The Birthday Synchronicity

    The Birthday Synchronicity
    Season 10, Episode 11 - Aired December 15, 2016

    As Sheldon and Amy are about to enjoy their annual tradition of coitus on her birthday, the whole gang is called to the hospital where Bernadette is in labor.

    After helping Bernadette prepare for this moment for nine months, Raj is upset when he's not with the expectant couple in the delivery room.

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  • The Proposal Proposal

    The Proposal Proposal
    Season 11, Episode 1 - Aired September 25, 2017

    Amy's answer to Sheldon's proposal is overshadowed by his need to be the center of attention. Meanwhile, Howard and Bernadette get some unexpected news.

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  • The Neonatal Nomenclature

    The Neonatal Nomenclature
    Season 11, Episode 16 - Aired March 1, 2018

    When Bernadette's pregnancy drags on, her friends each try their own solution to get things going. Meanwhile, Howard confronts Bernadette after learning she has already chosen a name for their new son.

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