Quotes from ‘The Proposal Proposal’

The Proposal Proposal

'The Proposal Proposal' - Season 11, Episode 1

Amy's answer to Sheldon's proposal is overshadowed by his need to be the center of attention. Meanwhile, Howard and Bernadette get some unexpected news.

Air Date: September 25, 2017.

Quote from Mary Cooper

Mary Cooper: I am so happy for you two, but I'm not surprised. I've been praying for this.
Sheldon: Well, God had nothing to do with it. It happened because I was kissing another woman, and it made me realize I wanted to be with Amy.
Mary Cooper:More than one woman was interested in you? I might have prayed a little too hard.

Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: Wait, oh, and I just I want to let you know right now that we are not getting married in a church.
Mary Cooper: That's all right, Sheldon. Anywhere Jesus is is a church.
Sheldon: Well, he won't be at our wedding.
Mary Cooper: He's in my heart, so if I'm there, he'll be there.
Sheldon: Okay, well, then, he's your plus-one. You don't get to bring anyone else.

Sheldon: I've thought about it, and I really want to spend the rest of my life with Amy. Do I have your blessing?
Stephen Hawking: Well, Sheldon I think you should make her finger like Saturn and put a ring on it.

Stephen Hawking: If I hear a flush, this conversation is over.

Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: It's like having Optimus Prime over to dinner and not asking him to turn into a truck.

Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: Stephen Hawking is a genius. If he said 'no,' I wasn't going to waste time on her father.

Quote from Amy

Sheldon: I came here to propose. If you'd said no, I wouldn't want to stick around looking at your stupid face.
Now, mind you, your face is only stupid in the "no" version of the story.
Amy: But I said yes, so I get a lifetime of this.

Quote from Sheldon

Amy: Sheldon, I know this isn't easy, but you'll have a whole lifetime to practice.
Sheldon: It could take that long, I'm really bad at it.

Quote from Leonard

Leonard: So, how are you guys doing with all the new events in your womb?

Quote from Penny

Penny: Bernadette has to grow a baby inside of her, and Amy has to marry one my life is great!

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