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Quote from Doctor Wolcott in the episode The Reclusive Potential

Sheldon: Dr. Wolcott, your work on time is revolutionary.
Doctor Wolcott: I would say thank you, but, in my theory of time, you've already called my work revolutionary, I've already thanked you, and I hate repeating myself, so let's move on.

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Quote from the episode The Reclusive Potential

Sheldon: So, Dr. Wolcott, in your letter, you said you had a new mathematical approach that would help me conceptualize the dimensions in string theory?
Doctor Wolcott: Uh, yes, yes, yes, yes. But before we get started, I am going to need to collect everybody's phone. Yeah.
Sheldon: Oh.
Leonard: Why?
Doctor Wolcott: Because they're little listening devices, aren't they? Yes, for people to spy on you and steal your work.
Howard: Yeah, what happened to the good old days where if someone wanted to steal your work, they had to hire a prostitute to seduce you?
Doctor Wolcott: Who told you about that?
Howard: Just making a joke.
Doctor Wolcott: Yeah, it's not funny when it happens.

Quote from the episode The Reclusive Potential

Leonard: Wait a minute, are-are you saying that time has multiple dimensions, the same as space?
Doctor Wolcott: No. No, I'm not saying it, the math is saying it. Though it is the math that I invented, so, yes, I guess I am saying it.

Quote from the episode The Reclusive Potential

Doctor Wolcott: It's a perfect marriage. We focus on our work and send each other cards every year on our birthdays. Hey, wait, what-what month is it?
Leonard: Uh, April.
Doctor Wolcott: Most years. The point is we give each other space. I give her Europe, she gives me South America. That's where she thinks I'm living.

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Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: Well, of course I'm worried about you, I want you to be safe.
Amy: And I want you to be safe.
Sheldon: I will be. I'll have my friends with me. If anything should go wrong, I can use them as human shields.

Quote from Leonard

Sheldon: *knock knock knock* Dr. Wolcott? *knock knock knock* Dr. Wolcott? *knock knock knock* Dr. Wolcott? [sound of many locks clacking]
Howard: That's a lot of locks.
Leonard: Mm. That was a lot of knocks, they were made for each other.

Quote from Sheldon

Sheldon: Do you really know how to Riverdance?
Amy: You tell me.
Sheldon: I'm the only man you do that for.