Big Bang Theory Quote 11247

Quote from Leonard in the episode The Grant Allocation Derivation

Raj: Seriously, Leonard, you didn't pick my project?
Leonard: I'm sorry, Raj.
Howard: Did you go with Crow Lady?
Leonard: No.
Sheldon: You gave the money to Kripke?
Leonard: I did not.
Raj: Wait, I'm confused. I thought there were only three projects in contention.
Leonard: There were. But, at the last minute, someone submitted an application for a pretty cool europium-doped laser, and they made a very compelling case.
Howard: What was the case?
Leonard: Oh, that it was me and I wanted it.
Raj: You-you can't do that. You can't just fund your own project.
Leonard: Uh, it turns out I can, and I did.

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