Year in Review: 2008 Posted December 22, 2008

Year in Review: 2008

At the start of this year, The Big Bang Theory was not in production and was off-air, because of the Writers' Strike of 07-08. The ratings before the strike were good, but not great. The strike, having taken the show off air for months, threatened the shows future. Would audiences return when the show did? In 2007, CBS head Les Moonves hinted that The Big Bang Theory would be renewed, and in February it was - as the strike ended, and production of the show resumed. Having been off-air for months, and only been on-air for 2 months before that, viewers could be forgiven for forgetting all about the show. The show would swap time-slots with How I Met Your Mother when it returned March 19th. Big Bang would lead the Monday night comedy block, but the 8/7c time-slot is watched by fewer viewers, would the slot hurt the show? Many feared it would be terrible for the show.

When the show returned to the airwaves, the ratings for the show were quite good, but they were not spectacular. A second season was guaranteed, but future seasons? Not unlikely, but the show would have to perform better to make its future secure. In May, the final episode of Season 1 aired, and it was announced Big Bang would be released on DVD in September, in time for the second season premiere.

The second season of Big Bang began September 22nd and the ratings for the first episode were strong. As the season continued in the Fall the ratings continued to be strong. Then the 6th episode of the season aired and the ratings reached new levels, suddenly the show was catching on and gaining viewers. The rising success would not stop there, every new episode since then performed at least as well, with many setting new highs. Viewers were suddenly arriving in droves. The 10 million viewers mark, which seemed nothing more than an aspiration just months before was quickly forgotten about as the show went on to break the 11 million viewers mark. The ratings were no longer adequate, good, or great; they were fantastic!

Not only did millions of new viewers tune into the show in the final part of this year, so too did the press. Coverage of Big Bang sky-rocketed since the show broke the 10m mark, with it even featuring in The Wall Street Journal.

What is amazing is how quickly the show has blossomed. Just 2 months ago the show was a little show with decent ratings, now it is potentially the next big thing. The show, which wasn't regularly featured in the media, now appears regularly and is appearing in publications as prestigious as The Wall Street Journal.

So, what does the future hold for The Big Bang Theory? Find out tomorrow as we publish our look into 2009, and what it will mean for The Big Bang Theory.

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