Young Sheldon spin-off in development Posted January 14, 2024

Young Sheldon spin-off in development

CBS is reportedly developing a spin-off from Young Sheldon which will follow Sheldon’s older brother Georgie and his fiancée Mandy, as Young Sheldon approaches its final season.

The new series is said to be a multi-camera show, filmed in front of a live audience like The Big Bang Theory, rather than the single-camera format of Young Sheldon. The new show is in development for the 2024/25 season, which begins in September. Meanwhile, Young Sheldon will conclude its seven-season run this May.

Launched in 2017 as a spin-off of The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon is set in East Texas during the early '90s. It follows the life of a young Sheldon Cooper as he starts high school and later college. After The Big Bang Theory ended its twelve-season run in 2019, Young Sheldon rose to the top, becoming the #1 network comedy and maintaining that position ever since.

The new show will star Montana Jordan as Georgie Cooper and Emily Osment as Mandy McAllister. Jordan has portrayed Sheldon's older brother since the show's inception in 2017, while Osment joined the cast in Season 6 after a recurring role in the fifth season. By the end of the sixth season, Georgie and Emily were engaged, following the birth of their daughter, Constance Cooper, affectionately referred to as CeeCee.

On The Big Bang Theory, Jerry O’Connell played Sheldon’s older brother Georgie in two episodes of Season 11. For the new spin-off, it's anticipated that any Cooper family members who make appearances would be portrayed by the Young Sheldon actors.

The new show is being developed by the executive producers of Young Sheldon, Chuck Lorre, Steve Molaro, and Steve Holland. Lorre and Molaro created Young Sheldon, and Holland serves as the current showrunner. The trio previously collaborated on The Big Bang Theory, which was co-created by Lorre.

The new project continues Chuck Lorre's long-standing collaboration with CBS. He's had at least one sitcom airing on the network every season since 2003/2004. The new project comes as both Young Sheldon and Bob Hearts Abishola are to conclude this year.

This new Georgie and Mandy spin-off is separate from the previously reported The Big Bang Theory spin-off which Chuck Lorre is developing for the streaming service Max. In November last year, Lorre told TV Line that this project was still in a "prenatal stage”.

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