The Big Bang Theory crossover on Young Sheldon Posted May 9, 2019

The Big Bang Theory crossover on Young Sheldon

The Big Bang Theory and its spin-off are set for their biggest crossover yet with Sheldon's future friends appearing in the season finale of Young Sheldon, according to TVLine.

Younger versions of Leonard, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy and Bernadette will be appearing in next week's episode of Young Sheldon, "A Swedish Science Thing and the Equation for Toast".

It's not yet clear how the characters will be introduced to the Young Sheldon universe as Sheldon doesn't meet the characters until adulthood. While Sheldon was growing up in East Texas, his future friends were scattered from California and Nebraska to New Jersey and India.

The Big Bang Theory staged its first Young Sheldon crossover last December with "The VCR Illumination". In the episode, Sheldon was inspired by a VHS tape from his childhood featuring his younger self (Iain Armitage), brother Georgie (Montana Jordan) and father George (Lance Barber).

The second season finale of Young Sheldon airs next Thursday, May 16 at 9/8c following the hour-long series finale of The Big Bang Theory. CBS has renewed Young Sheldon for a further two seasons, taking the show through to its fourth season in 2020/21.

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