Episode 3.01 Ratings Posted September 22, 2009

Episode 3.01 Ratings

The ratings for the third season première are out. The show came third in total viewers, behind a strong ABC & Fox, with 12.83 million viewers. In the 18-49 demographic, the show came second behind Fox's House, setting a 4.6/10 rating.

The show built on its new lead-in, Two and a Half Men's audience in the 18-49 demographic, garnering an extra 2 ratings points. Compared to last year's occupant of the slot, Worst Week it increased the demo rating by 21% and added 1.96 million viewers.

CBS's comedy block spent the night in 3rd place in total viewers, behind ABC's Dancing with the Stars and House. How I Met Your Mother was seen by 9.21 million viewers and scored 3.5/9 in the demo, coming third in both metrics. That was largely the same as Big Bang achieved in the slot last year. Newcomer Accidentally on Purpose lost viewers from Mother, being watched by 8.99 million people and setting a 3.2/9 rating, coming third in both metrics. Two and a Half Men was watched by 13.59 million viewers and posted a 4.4/10 rating, coming third and second in the metrics respectively.

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