908 - The Mystery Date Observation
Aired November 12, 2015

The Mystery Date Observation

Sheldon, Wolowitz and Koothrappali post an online advertisement to find Sheldon a new girlfriend. Also, when Amy is coy with details about a guy she is dating, Penny and Bernadette decide to spy.

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Guest Stars: Stephen Merchant as Dave, Analeigh Tipton as Vanessa

Writers: Steven Molaro (Story), Eric Kaplan (Story), Jim Reynolds (Story), Chuck Lorre (Teleplay), Steve Holland (Teleplay), Tara Hernandez (Teleplay)

Director: Mark Cendrowski

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Episode Notes

  • The title refers to Penny, Bernadette and a reluctant Leonard's attempts to spy on Amy's date with a mystery guy.

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In a bid to cheer up Sheldon, who's still coming to terms with his break-up from Amy, Leonard makes Sheldon breakfast. Penny asks Leonard if he's worried about making French toast on oatmeal day, suggesting the conversation was taking place on a Monday morning. Leonard points out he's also prepared oatmeal for Sheldon. When Sheldon gets up, Leonard tells him about the French toast and oatmeal, but Sheldon thinks that's a lot of carbohydratess for a man on the prowl again.

Quotes (41)

Penny: Come on, Amy, show us the dress.
Amy: Okay, but I'm really stepping outside of my comfort zone here.
Penny: Uh, I don't think any of your comfort zones are showing.

Howard: If you don't want to use dating Web sites, what do you suggest?
Sheldon: Off the top of my head? Prospective women weed themselves out in a battle of wits until only one champion remains, she shows up at my door flush with the thrill of victory, and then sits quietly by my side while I watch Daredevil.
Howard: You seriously think women would fight for you?
Sheldon: People compete for jobs and trophies, why not me?
Howard: He's right. He knows a lot of jokes.

Raj: How could you send her away?!
Sheldon: She was late. And she found atomic spectroscopy boring. I wouldn't coitus her with your genitals.

Penny: I think it's so adorable you're making Sheldon breakfast.
Leonard: Well, he's having a rough time. Amy broke his heart, the DVR cut off the last minute of Doctor Who, that crow followed him home.

Raj: You're not wrong about Fruit Stripe. I-I was always a Hubba Bubba man.
Howard: Hubba Bubba over Dubble Bubble? You're crazy.
Raj: Hey, the jaw wants what it wants.

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