Episode 4.01 Ratings: First Look Posted September 24, 2010

Episode 4.01 Ratings: First Look

Early ratings data shows The Big Bang Theory made a big bang yesterday in its new slot. The season premiere scored scored a 9.2/15 rating in households. This was up over 20% on last year's premiere, which followed Two and a Half Men. The show also outperformed the previous occupant of the Thursday slot, the reality show Survivor.

We will have more ratings information when it becomes available.

More about the episode

'The Robotic Manipulation' - Season 4, Episode 1
Airs September 23, 2010 at 8/7c on CBS.

When Penny urges Sheldon to go on his first date, she finds herself dragged along to watch. Meanwhile, Howard finds himself in an uncomfortable position when he discovers a new use for a robotic arm.

Comments (14)

Dr. Käpy Finland, 19:35 Mar 25 2011.
Love the show, makes me laugh so much that it hurts... :)
Luke Australia, 03:35 Oct 13 2010.
Great sitcom, has to be the best show on tv atm. A laugh a minute! It does need more intellectual humour rather than sexual though
Dr. Kaarna Finland, 14:58 Oct 1 2010.
Who hasn't got a awkward silence in a date? But indeed a worthy first episode, gotta love the show! Honestly though I would had pushed the shutdown button, before going to the ER ;D
pangeja Germany, 06:12 Sep 29 2010.
TBBT is simply the best comedy ever!
Ryan Australia, 00:29 Sep 26 2010.
Awesome show, awesome episode. I personally don't think this is a show just for nerdy people and I think there are a lot of people who think that who I wish didn't, I realise some of it may be hard to understand for some people but it's still a hilarious show.
Ellen Netherlands, 18:58 Sep 25 2010.
I LOVE big bang theory first episode of new season rocks, keep up the show for many seasons please :)
Penny Canada, 18:47 Sep 24 2010.
It seems a lot of people here don't understand intellectual humour and can't handle it in a sitcom. Big Bang is a lot funnier when it comes up with physics jokes and situations that arise from the basic premise of the show. Bringing in Sci Fi movies and series such as Star Trek are great. Falling back on easy sexual situations takes no intelligence whatsoever. That's not what this show started out to be. It would be nice if it didn't become just another show with little intelligence. Personal attacks such as saying other commenters are retarded just shows how high the IQ is of that particular individual.
Semeli Greece, 16:51 Sep 24 2010.
I loved did! Thank you all for this amazing episode! we adooore you! Keep it that way.!
Vegas fan United States, 14:50 Sep 24 2010.
Reza Iran, 14:42 Sep 24 2010.
I love this show and think it's one of the best new shows on television

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