Episode 4.07 Ratings Posted November 5, 2010

Episode 4.07 Ratings

The Big Bang Theory delivered its highest ratings since the fourth season premiere and won the night with adults for the third time since the move to Thursdays.

The Big Bang Theory was watched by 13.88m people, up by 840,000 people from last week. The show scored an 8.3/14 rating in households and finished first. The show set a 4.6/14 rating in the key adults 18-49 demographic, also finishing first.

More about the episode

'The Apology Insufficiency' - Season 4, Episode 7
Airs November 4, 2010 at 8/7c on CBS.

When Howard needs top-level security clearance for a DoD project, his friends are interviewed by an FBI agent but one of their interviews puts Howard's job prospects in danger.

Comments (10)

laci Hungary, 05:00 Nov 12 2010.
This is an episode what I will ne-ver-for-get XD
NoorBall United Kingdom, 20:47 Nov 11 2010.
I agree, this is the best episode in the season! Without Amy it's much more better!
Jimmy United States, 20:16 Nov 11 2010.
I hate Blossom! She's ruining BBT!
Baz United Kingdom, 14:50 Nov 8 2010.
I was cringing with embarrasment with Leonard's attempt at being confident. Best line of the episode - "You did hear Blu-ray didn't you?". Nice to see Penny back, and how did Sheldon keep going back to the shot glass...I know I couldn't. I nearly threw up. Great episode, keep it coming
Elena Belarus, 13:08 Nov 7 2010.
I think due to the presence of Amy had created a lot of funny situations. I like all episodes very much!
Landshark71 United States, 12:21 Nov 7 2010.
My big bang provider had technical difficulties and did not show big bang, and will not replay it. This is the first time I have missed an episode. Thanks WEVV
Sp3ce France, 10:43 Nov 7 2010.
Good episode. Why ? No Penny, no Amy, no romance. Just a bunch of clumsy geeks who tries to act like they were "normal" guys. That was the secret of the First Season. Please keep this line until the end...
Deg Italy, 18:52 Nov 6 2010.
It's soooo better when there is NOT Amy, Sheldon it's more realistic, natural and...FUN!
MacP Poland, 10:58 Nov 6 2010.
why don't they guys teach anything at the university? Wouldn't it be funny to give them some teaching? Of course it would be difficult for Raj to lecture in the presence of female students... :)
E_A_T Finland, 17:08 Nov 5 2010.
I just loved this episode, perhaprs the best in this season so far!!

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