Episode 5.21 Ratings Posted April 6, 2012

Episode 5.21 Ratings

Last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory, featuring guest star Stephen Hawking, beat American Idol and was the night's top program in the key adults 18-49 demographic despite falling to season lows.

"The Hawking Excitation" was watched by 13.01m people, down by 950,000 people from last week's episode, and ranked second behind American Idol in households and total viewers. In the important 18-49 demo, The Big Bang Theory finished first with a 4.2/14, down form last week's 4.7/15 to a season low.

More about the episode

'The Hawking Excitation' - Season 5, Episode 21
Airs April 5, 2012 at 8/7c on CBS.

When Howard gets to work with Professor Stephen Hawking, he offers Sheldon the opportunity to meet his hero.

Comments (51)

Eddie p Australia, 19:34 May 25 2012.
Fantastic episode.... I loved the belt buckle scene
sheldor United Kingdom, 14:07 May 19 2012.
BEST EPISODE EVER!! Jim Parsons defiantly suits the French maid costume. ahaha jim parsons ur the best!!!!!!
Mark United States, 21:43 May 13 2012.
This is the BEST program on TV since Friends.
Doobedoh Brazil, 13:24 May 11 2012.
I am, I mean it was a big fan of the series. The first and second season were a lot of fun with themes nerds. Dealt with MMOs, technology, comics and series like star trek ... everything like a nerd. After that he began dating between Leonard and Penny and Bernadette and then Howy series and eventually became a novel. No longer is 10% funnier than it was before, dealing with difficult issues nerds, now just want to deal with relationships, kissing, emotional conflicts, etc. .. completely lost focus of what the series proposed in the beginning. very sad to see something that had an excellent and only theme deviate so much so disappointing the fans.
Denin Srmic United Kingdom, 20:35 May 8 2012.
I shall mention only one relevant name for Bing Bang theory, Nikola Tesla.
Carlos Sovero  Spain, 13:42 Apr 29 2012.
Hi I'm fascinated by the Chapter with S.H. but still many fans are waiting in vain if you try to invent the teleporter. Remember: The Fly ...... Good luck and keep up these good chapters. I have many ideas, and see what happens .... A big hug ....
zman United States, 14:56 Apr 27 2012.
Worst show of the series, the writing was terrible and insensative to the characters intellect and emotional maturity. I would fire both the writers and the director for this show.
Bettina Germany, 04:50 Apr 26 2012.
Please keep this show clean. Sheldon I love you, you are the best! You can always make me smile.
Vikram Warialani India, 15:28 Apr 25 2012.
The most rocking show of all time... With Hawking on the show...Sheldon was at his best...!!
sd Greece, 14:39 Apr 23 2012.
Oh what a big honor! Stephen Hawking!!! Jim Parsons rocks!

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