Episode 5.22 Ratings Posted April 27, 2012

Episode 5.22 Ratings

Last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory topped American Idol in key adults 18-49 demographic, despite falling to a season low in the ratings.

"The Stag Convergence" was watched by 12.52 million people, down by 770,000 viewers from the last original episode. The Big Bang Theory finished second in households and total viewers, ranking behind American Idol. In the important adults 18-49 demo, Big Bang edged slightly ahead of American Idol to finish first with a 4.0/13 rating, down by four tenths of a rating point from April 5. The Big Bang Theory was the night's highest-rated program and was also the night's most-watched scripted program.

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'The Stag Convergence' - Season 5, Episode 22
Airs April 26, 2012 at 8/7c on CBS.

When Raj gets drunk at Howard's bachelor party, he reveals a little too much about Howard's past sexual encounters, causing Bernadette to reconsider their engagement.

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Geezer Australia, 10:23 May 8 2012.
I agree with several of the comments about the quality of season 5. Not very sharp and often one dimensional. Writers have either exhausted fresh ideas or become lazy. Penny's character has lost personality and warmth. I agree with Greek Mike, better to quit now than to run it into the ground.
Valentino Casanova Canada, 13:07 May 4 2012.
Loved the ending because that's what Big Bang Theory is all about for me - referencing science fiction, fantasy, & comic book culture! Next season, less on relationships, and more stories about the 'fan boy' 'fan girl' comi-con milieu. How about Penny, the fledgling actress, gets a starring role as Harley Quinn in the new (fabricated,fictional) 4th sequel to the Dark Knight. And Sheldon has to coach Amy in this role!
purple Romania, 04:06 May 4 2012.
@I am just saying....are you crazy?!one of the best things that happened to this show is the introduction of Amy...because she makes the Sheldon character a little more interesting and your cringing is not a valid reason to get rid of her(hello!selfish much?)...other than that i do agree with you at 2&3 ...i hated the Penny-Leonard story this season,in my opinion it was the weakest link of them all this season and the writers should do something about that a.s.a.p!
Me Canada, 22:50 May 3 2012.
I do agree with some of the comments made. The writing has changed and not as sharp as in the past. I mean it must be difficult to come up with a well written story week after week. I do believe the writers should take into consideration of some of the comments made by the avid readers and followers. I believe that Penny needs to learn a lesson in life in that she shouldn't take Leonard for granted. I think Leonard should break up with Penny this time and maybe even move away from the apartment for a while. It might make Penny really realize how much Leonard really means to her. Other than I still think this is a great show.
jadis Canada, 22:02 May 3 2012.
I see that it's still impossible to make a Hollywood-produced sitcom without a cheap shot aimed at Polish people. That wasn't really necessary. So you know: Poles and Jews WERE neighbors back in Poland. You historical dilettantes.
Laer United States, 15:25 May 3 2012.
Sad to see this season's end. It's the best one ever. Oh, well, I have all the DVDs. I'll just start over from #1 and pace myself so I'm never without BBT.
James United States, 10:57 May 3 2012.
I would like to see penny tell Leonard that she loves him. But she has to say this time instead of Leonard, we all know that she does love him but she has problems telling him.
mike Greece, 10:53 May 3 2012.
I'm looking forward this season's end... it was the worst big bang theory season... if they ran out of ideas then it would be better to stop now and leave as with a sweet taste rather than making us bored...
urmum United Kingdom, 09:26 May 3 2012.
it was da bomb
adam United States, 02:06 May 2 2012.
awesome episode. Funny and heart warming

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