Episode 5.23 Ratings Posted May 4, 2012

Episode 5.23 Ratings

Last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory, the penultimate episode of the current season, finished first in the ratings for its time slot and was the night's number #1 program in the key demographics.

"The Launch Acceleration" was watched by 13.63 million people, adding 980,000 people from last week, and scored an 8.3/14 rating in households. The show was up 6% in households and 8% in total viewers. When compared to American Idol in the shared half-hour, The Big Bang Theory finished first in total viewers and households.

In the important 18-49 demo, The Big Bang Theory scored a dominant 4.6/15 rating, up by 12% from 4.1/13 last week. The show scored a 5.8/17 among adults 25-54 and a 3.2/12 rating among adults 18-34, up 5% and 19% respectively. These were the show's best ratings since the March 29, 2012 episode. The Big Bang Theory was the night's top-rated program in adults 18-49, 25-54 and adults 18-34.

More about the episode

'The Launch Acceleration' - Season 5, Episode 23
Airs May 3, 2012 at 8/7c on CBS.

Howard and Bernadette's wedding plans are put in jeopardy when NASA change his mission plans. Meanwhile, Penny is thrown for a loop by a comment Leonard makes in the bedroom.

Comments (22)

Tammy Iceland, 10:46 May 15 2012.
So Bernadette and Howard finally got married - personally I thought his mother would have derailed their plans. How will their relationship fit into the group dynamic and, more importantly, his relationship with Raj? Can't wait for the next Season.
Oscar de Wyldde Australia, 08:06 May 15 2012.
Episode 23 was surprisingly a perfect balance between all the characters in their contribution to the concurrent story lines. Well done, writers and actors. Penny is a commitment-phobe while Leonard still cannot understand women. But then, which heterosexual man does understand the mind of women? It is a life-long mystery to me. (I remember the assassination of JFK- so I have been around awhile.)
luke Canada, 02:28 May 12 2012.
I loved all the Klingon comments that Sheldon made during this episode, just think what if Sheldon were a Klingon?
Robin United States, 12:59 May 11 2012.
The wedding / launch episode was FANTASTIC!!!
Mira Netherlands, 12:17 May 11 2012.
Actually, Bernadette is ok, Amy is too much...
drod United States, 10:05 May 11 2012.
What great show last night when I saw sheldon take Amy hand i almost went into tears.
SheldonFan United States, 09:05 May 11 2012.
First, love the show but... The premise is these guys are genius's & yet in last night's episode Sheldon makes a simple math mistake. When he recieves the comic book worth $100 & had only given Howard an $88 gravy boat, he gives Howard $12 & calls it even. Now Sheldon has spent $100 & Howard only $88. He should have given him $6 to make it even at $94 spent each.
Jackie United States, 18:19 May 10 2012.
Love this show!!!, and I'm 61 yrs old.I hope after this show ends, all the actors live well and prosper. :)
Alpha Flight Canada, 19:42 May 9 2012.
Here's another idea for next season: Penny gets cast as 'Hellcat' for the next Avengers movie. Sheldon & the gang have to tutor Penny on that role.
Laer United States, 04:00 May 9 2012.
SURPRISE. Amy actually looked pretty hot in that Star Trek uniform! Is the woman hiding her figure in dumpy clothes?

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