The Secret Life of Scientists: Mayim Bialik

The Emmy-nominated PBS web series "The Secret Life of Scientists" has recently premiered a new profile featuring The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik.

In the series, fans will learn that Bialik has a lot in common with Amy Farrah Fowler. In real life, as on the show, Bialik is a neuroscientist. Watch the video below to learn about the actress's transition from playing TV's Blossom into the field of neuroscience and now to playing a neuroscientist on TV.

To watch more videos in the series, head over to the PBS Life of Scientists website or check out their Facebook page.

  Posted February 15, 2013 in Mayim Bialik.

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Sam Trinidad And Tobago, 17:22 Dec 28 2014.
Love your Talent... both as an actress and a scientist. I am also a STEM person, so it is easy for me to understand the theories on the show.... by the way, why is the name Raj mispronounced as if the last letter 'J" is in is 'J" as in 'jug'... Raj can correct it since he is familiar with how Hindi is pronounced. All the best to the entire cast... Let Raj know I loved his role in "Dr. Cabbie"
bill pearcy United States, 16:40 May 16 2014.
What a attractive actress
Andy F United Kingdom, 14:49 Sep 21 2013.
Great show, great acting, great fun. Love it.
Liverpool. United Kingdom, 12:02 Aug 9 2013.
Funny Lady.xx
"BUSINGA" United Kingdom, 17:30 Aug 3 2013.
Mayim we love you,Your children have a very special mum.xx,LIverpool loves you.xxxxxxx
Marcus Tiefenbrun United Kingdom, 13:34 Jul 16 2013.
I love this show. I actually know some real life people who are quite like some of the characters in the show in many ways, so there is an underlying truth to the writing. Also what's with some of your American viewers? Lord, can't they take a joke
lydia caban Puerto Rico, 22:50 Jun 16 2013.
since you are the only scientist in about tell writer to make a episode wich nikola tesla is the reason why everything in modern tech works.
Myra United States, 20:56 May 18 2013.
I absolutely love your character and you as a woman and your accomplishments!! Thanks for sharing who you are!
Anindo United States, 09:46 May 18 2013.
I watched every episode.....and bought the dvds and I have a space for this show in my daily routine and my heart. This show showed me my education path, Ph.d. And I thank the writers very much.
Tracie United States, 14:03 Apr 30 2013.
Happy birthday to Lenard and Raj! Love the show... I have literally watched every show 50 times wishing I could do something like that... Keep us laughing...With love!

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