Episode 6.18 Ratings Posted March 8, 2013

Episode 6.18 Ratings

Last night's episode of The Big Bang Theory finished first place in the ratings for its time slot and ranked as the night's most-watched and highest-rated broadcast.

This week's episode, 6.18 "The Contractual Obligation Implementation", was watched by 17.63 million people, up by a slither from the previous episode's 17.62m audience. The Big Bang Theory scored a 5.5/17 rating in the important adults 18-49 demographic, down a notch from 5.6/17 on February 21.

More about the episode

'The Contractual Obligation Implementation' - Season 6, Episode 18
Airs March 7, 2013 at 8/7c on CBS.

Leonard, Sheldon and Howard visit Howard's old school to talk to junior high girls about careers in science. Meanwhile, Raj plans his first proper date with Lucy, while the girls visit Disneyland.

Comments (28)

Steve Tayolr India, 14:33 Jul 2 2015.
This show is for nerds lol. Check out these jokes in the meantime. If you understand them you're a nerd too. http://oddpad.com/10-jokes-that-if-you-understand-youre-a-nerd/
Logan Netherlands, 11:12 Apr 11 2013.
It would be good if there was a episode on Shelden and Leonard win a chance to be on pointless its a great idea? Here's my email for more info
Mayuresh Pawar India, 06:58 Apr 1 2013.
Love the Show But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, Writers i too think that the magic of 4 nerds and those nerdy jokes in early seasons have lost now...!!! ====================================================== Hope to see a Fantastic Episode on theme "APRIL FOOL's DAY...!!!" :D ====================================================== Love you all BBT :)
Amanda United States, 23:18 Mar 21 2013.
Love it! Saw this one taped live! Very cool experience!
Sam United Kingdom, 13:35 Mar 15 2013.
i no this show is now getting mixed reviews from people and i can see both sides. thing is the show starte dout with 4 single pathetic lonely nerdy guys. they couldnt just stay like that it wouldnt happen characters have to evolve. ok yh i agree its not so much scientific humour anymore which does hurt the show but after a while you would run out of jokes. plus picking up on something Soft Kitty said about this season being leonard - centric. most times its sheldon - centric and u need a break or you will grow tired of the character. i still love the show and think its best thing out there.
satnavboy United Kingdom, 05:11 Mar 15 2013.
i cant wait for sesion 6 :)
kansa United States, 01:34 Mar 15 2013.
Can't believe they missed having an episode on National Pi day -- it would have had a 3.1416 rating! Also did you see the article on the largest discovered prime number? Discovered by a Dr. Cooper no less!
Wolowizard United States, 19:51 Mar 14 2013.
THE FACT IS.. the writers arent going to allow a bunch of guys to stay single their whole lives. They get girlfriends, thats life. The show is about nerdy guys trying to get a life, and thats exactly what they are doing.
Champ United States, 19:06 Mar 13 2013.
Didn't care for the last episode at all. BBT has moved away from what made it so funny and appealing in the first place. When I watch some of the older episodes, I miss the magic it once had. Writers, you need to step back and take a good look at what made the show so great in the first place and move back in that direction, please. :)
Line Germany, 07:17 Mar 13 2013.
Please writers: go back to the beginning of it all and look at these amazing stories... Please actors: hold on!

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