Video: Jim Parsons on 'Conan' Posted December 6, 2013

Jim Parsons was a guest on Conan last night and demonstrated Sheldon's spanking technique for Amy on Andy Richter. Check out a clip of the spanking demonstration below.

Watch the clip below to see Jim Parsons and Conan raid The Big Bang Theory set with a Conan fan.

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Peggy H. United States, 20:45 Mar 29 2016.
Your show is the best ever. It's the best comedy ever. I never miss a show. I'm 66 yrs. old and I don't get out much so your show is the high light of my day. Even the reruns! I love you Sheldon!!!! Of course all the others too.
Ignitious Zulu Zambia, 16:27 Jan 24 2016.
i come from africa and its not easy being an african with poor education background, it hard to understand the western jokes and punch lines but thanks to TBBT, alas a break through... Sheldon my hero....
Scouse sue United Kingdom, 13:48 Dec 14 2014.
I am a 60 year old school teacher in UK. I was persuaded to watch Big Bang theory on holiday in Canada this year and I love it. I am watching all the re runs at the moment and can't get enough!!! I love Sheldon, especially " knock, knock, knock Penny!!!!" etc. hope it continues for more years.
Erica  United States, 17:18 Jul 9 2014.
I initially refused to watch the show for years based on the title since it goes completely against my belief system. I'm glad I was encouraged to watch. I LOVE the show. I can't believe how much I relate to Sheldon... scary
Edie Brown United States, 19:39 Jun 17 2014.
I am a 60 yr old lady with a great sense of humor along with blunt honesty. I relate to Sheldon so much in the way that I always tell the truth no matter what. When you have this kind of connection with a character you actually feel like part of the cast. I enjoy them all soo very much. With all the worlds problems it is such an honor and privilege to be able to just forget about everything for just a little while and laugh at good clean comedy. I have only started watching the series for a month or so but my DVR records all episodes so I am trying to catch up. I hope this shows goes on and beyond the longest series ever made. And I wish them all the best of luck. Thank you for you time.
Hya Kyoung South Korea, 20:33 Jan 22 2014.
In Korea, the Big Bang theory is popular. Our family loves the big bang theory. ^ ^
marley United States, 19:41 Jan 19 2014.
ur character is funny and I like the big bang theory :)
kevin Trinidad And Tobago, 13:32 Dec 8 2013.
Actually...u are the only 1. Current season hilarious. Dats why its ratings are triple earlier seasons. Most humans are resistant 2 change. Cant make d same jokes from 1st season so get over it. I do wish they hadnt made wil weaton frens with sheldon so soon...felt cud of extracted more comedy frm dat rivalry...but still good now
Eric buckle United Kingdom, 16:48 Dec 6 2013.
Big Bang theory has been one of the best comedy programmes I have ever seen but the new series is awful..the script is not funny and I assume the writers are different it just isn't funny anymore. Please get the writers back or stop making anymore or you will destroy the reputation of the programme,I can't be the on Yone who thinks this.

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