Jim Parsons wins fourth Emmy award Posted August 25, 2014

Jim Parsons wins fourth Emmy award

Jim Parsons won the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series Emmy award at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards today. This was the actor's fourth time winning the award, for which he has been nominated six consecutive times. With his previous wins in 2010, 2011 and 2013, Parsons joins a small group of actors who have won this award four times: Michael J. Fox, Kelsey Grammer and Carroll O'Connor.

The other contenders for the award this year were Derek's Ricky Gervais, Episodes' Matt LeBlanc, House of Lies' Don Cheadle, Louie's Louis C.K., and Shameless's William H. Macy.

The episode Jim Parsons submitted for consideration this year was "The Relationship Diremption". In the episode, Sheldon faces a personal crisis when he feels he's wasting his time with string theory. After some soul searching Sheldon settles on starting a new chapter in his career. With some encouragement from Penny, Sheldon toasts his new beginning, only to end up drunk and needing Amy to put him to bed. "The Pants Alternative" and "The Habitation Configuration", both episodes in which Sheldon gets drunk, have also netted the star Emmy awards in previous years.

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Comments (18)

Ross Woolgar - Victoria, Australia Australia, 22:08 May 25 2015.
Hello Jim ( Sheldon ) and all the cast of TBBT. I have all seasons of the show and watch it over & over all the time. It's simply a show you can never get tired of watching and as I've suffered many health problems since 1989,this brilliant show "picks" me up. I'm 47 years old and this is without a doubt the most fantastic show I have ever seen. I know you would get this request millions of times over, but I would be absolutely on top of the world if I ever had the opportunity to meet you all. Thank-you for continually making me smile, regards Ross W.....
Sachin India, 09:57 Sep 21 2014.
I have never come across an actor watching whom would be so addictive. I would watch Jim everyday for the rest of my life. Thank you Jim Parsons aka Sheldon you ROCK....\m/
cathie margerison United Kingdom, 02:55 Sep 21 2014.
Well done Jim you are a unique entertainer
Puseletso Phokanoka  South Africa, 03:18 Aug 30 2014.
CONGRATULATIONS!! on winning the award it is enormously deserved!
Stewart Lowe Australia, 08:57 Aug 28 2014.
Not that I'm complaining, Jim Parsons, but how come "Sheldon" is THREE of my followers on Twitter? Does your computer automatically pick up people who mention you after a set number of times? ...if that's the case you'll end up as 50 of my followers.... I hope your B.B.T. ensemble will be together for a long time, you have such obvious chemistry and it electrifies the cast interaction. (But for God's sake Sheldon, sleep with Amy and put the poor girl out of her misery.)
Michael Heller United States, 09:58 Aug 27 2014.
He's not acting, he's egotistical and concede, you can't give him credit for been himself!
Jey Philippines, 00:21 Aug 27 2014.
Congratulations again to Jim for winning his fourth Emmy!..He deserves it. There is not one single episode in BBT that will not leave you smiling or even laughing. Love BBT!
Kazzabalu B Australia, 00:03 Aug 27 2014.
Jim Parsons is just fantastic. All the BBT cast are. If you lose one you've lost the show. High light of my nights. Well deserved award for everyone if you ask me!
julie Australia, 23:16 Aug 26 2014.
well done jim parsons congralutions on your emmy well deserve luv the big bang never miss it
Julie Card Canada, 16:02 Aug 26 2014.
Congratulations Jim. The Big Bang Theory is our favourite show - and you're our favourite actor. Well deserved. We love Penny and Leonard and Raj and Howard and Bernadette and Amy too!

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