Behind the Scenes: Kaley on Letterman Posted June 28, 2008

Behind the Scenes: Kaley on Letterman

The Behind The Late Show blog has some inside information and behind the scenes video of Kaley's arrival & departure at The Late Show with David Letterman last night.

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Patty L. Applegate United States, 22:09 Oct 3 2016.
Never used 2 watch the show; (how stupid of me:because of the show name); till my daughter stayed with me, then did my opinion change!!! I remember 2 watch "The Big Bang Theory" b4 anything else. "KALEY:" basically any beautiful blonde could do that role, HOWEVER, Kaley, it seems was born 4 that role. She is wonderful as Penny. Yes, any blonde but only that blonde could give it the depth that Kaley does!! Congrats 2 whomever cast her 4 that role.
Pascoal MS Brazil, 16:52 Apr 24 2013.
Ur lovely and easy going !! I love It. I think is Californian's style making difference. sssssmack !!!!
kevin ore United States, 21:15 Mar 27 2013.
like the show, but never can get ticket to see it live,
B0B N United States, 12:48 Oct 16 2012.
You are great on your show!! good luck on the future....
Mikie R Canada, 19:04 Oct 12 2012.
You make me long for younger days! I'm retired, but still feel the heat!
melody United Kingdom, 13:08 Sep 13 2012.
your awsome kaley i also saw ya in hop wicked!
terry fox United States, 10:59 Feb 28 2012.
you are a beautiful and talented actress

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