The Gyroscopic Collapse Season 10, Episode 23 -  Aired May 4, 2017

The Gyroscopic Collapse

Howard, Leonard and Sheldon celebrate when the first part of their top secret Air Force project comes to an end, but their happiness is short-lived.

Meanwhile, Amy is offered a visiting researcher position at Princeton, but she's not sure whether she can be away from Sheldon for the summer.

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Guest Stars: Dean Norris as Colonel Williams, Kimberly D. Brooks as Computer Voice, V.O.

Writers: Chuck Lorre (Story), Steve Holland (Story), Alex Ayers (Story), Steven Molaro (Teleplay), Jim Reynolds (Teleplay), Saladin K. Patterson (Teleplay)

Director: Anthony Rich

Viewers: 12.39 million Households Rating: 8.4/15 Adults 18-49 Rating: 2.5/11

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Episode Notes

  • The title refers to Sheldon, Leonard and Howard's work on a gyroscope for the Air Force being taken away from them.

Episode Quotes

Sheldon: And just remember, I am proud of you and I support you in all that you do.
Amy: Thank you. That means a lot.
Sheldon: Oh, and one last thing. If you find yourself working with a male scientist who's as smart as me, as tall as me and has hair like Thor, well, then I want you to step away from the situation and call me immediately.

Howard: Well, why would you do that?
Colonel Williams: You guys completed phase one, we'll take it from here.
Sheldon: Where did you move it?
Colonel Williams: I can't tell you that.
Leonard: Are you implementing phase two?
Colonel Williams: I can't tell you that.
Sheldon: Wait, so you're just going to take all the work we've done for the last year and toss us aside?
Colonel Williams: That one I can tell you, yes.
Howard: This is all very upsetting.
Colonel Williams: I'm sorry to hear that. As you know, the primary focus of the United States military is people's feelings.
Sheldon: If that's sarcasm, please save it for our enemies.

Sheldon: Leonard pointed out to me that I'm not always a loving and supportive boyfriend, so here's some quality luggage.
Amy: Thank you.
Sheldon: The salesman said it could survive a plane crash, so perhaps you should fly inside it.

Leonard: Should we give them their privacy?
Penny: I want to, but I don't think I can.
Sheldon: (from across the hall) Whoopee!
Penny: Okay, I'm good now.

Raj: I really can't thank you enough for taking me in. You know, I was in a pretty low place in my life, and-
Sheldon: (from across the hall) Oh, Amy, you naughty vixen.
Raj: Anyway, uh, as I was saying, I was at a pretty low place in my life and, uh, if it wasn't for friends like you-
Amy: (from across the hall) My goodness, that form of stimulation is highly efficient.
Raj: I can't compete with that.

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1023 'The Gyroscopic Collapse' Press Release April 28, 2017

CBS has released the synopsis for the next episode of The Big Bang Theory, "The Gyroscopic Collapse", which airs Thursday, May 4. Dean Norris returns as Colonel Williams in the episode.  Full story


The gang gathers in Apartment 4A for a party to celebrate the guys completing their gyroscope project. After Leonard thanks them for their support, he explains they’re back at work first thing tomorrow on the testing stage of the project.

The next day, when the guys get into the lab and turn the lights on, they discover it has been completely cleared out. When the guys video chat with their Air Force representative, Colonel Williams, he tells them that the U.S. government will be taking over the project. He can’t say whether they’ll be continuing to phase two or where the work has gone.

As Raj and the girls set the table in the apartment, Raj tells Penny he might be moving out soon. After Raj explains that geologist Bert is renting out a room, Amy then says she’s also got some good news herself. Amy tells them she’s been offered a position as a visiting researcher at Princeton, but she is unsure whether Sheldon can handle her being away for a few months.

As the guys climb the stairs of the apartment building with food, they’re still hurting from being thrown off their own project. When they get inside the apartment, they are shocked to find it has been emptied, too. Sheldon worries the Air Force has done it again, but Leonard points out that they mistakenly walked into Apartment 3A. When they finally get to to the right apartment, they’re relieved that everything is there. They tell the girls how the military confiscated their project. Wanting to change the subject, the guys ask the girls what’s going on with them. After Penny points out that Amy has got good news, Amy instead mentions that Raj is moving out.

During the car ride home, Bernadette asks Howard if he’s doing okay. Howard thinks he’s wasted an entire year, but Bernadette points out they had another important accomplishment in the past year.

As Penny and Amy talk on the phone from their respective kitchens, Penny asks if Amy has told Sheldon about her job offer yet. Amy admits she hasn't as she’s waiting until Sheldon’s in a good mood. Amy is starting to question whether she should go. When Sheldon gets up, Amy says she’s made him breakfast - plain oatmeal, his favorite. Sheldon thinks it’s sweet Amy made him breakfast, saying he can’t remember how he got by without her. Sheldon tells her it’s a great comfort to wake up every morning and know she’s there. After Amy tells him to put the Air Force project behind him, Sheldon remembers that there’s his quantum cognition project with Amy. When Amy tries to steer him away from that, Sheldon is confused and wonders if there’s something Amy is not telling hem. After Amy comes clean about the job offer, Sheldon congratulates her and insists she must take it. An emotional Sheldon says he’ll be fine without her, but he quickly retreats to the bedroom.

When Amy and Penny join Bernadette for a walk in the park with Halley, Bernadette wonders if Amy is still going to go to Princeton. Amy is unsure as Sheldon seemed vulnerable, but Penny points out that if the situation was reversed Sheldon wouldn't think twice about taking the job. They both think Amy should take the job. Howard catches up with Bernadette to hug and kiss her.

In the apartment building, Leonard helps Raj carry boxes down the stairs. Raj tells Leonard he will miss living with him and Penny. As they walk by Apartment 3A, they hear music and find Sheldon inside playing the harmonica. When Raj tries to cheer up Sheldon, he points out that Amy’s only gone for a few months and, with him moving out, Sheldon can now stay in his old room again. Unhappy with that bit of advice, Leonard escorts Raj out to the hallway and locks the door behind him. Leonard tells him Sheldon’s being silly and that this is an opportunity for him to show Amy how much he loves and supports her.

A clingy Howard is waiting outside the bathroom when Bernadette comes out. After he says he missed her while she was in there, Bernadette sits Howard down for a stern lecture. After Bernadette tells him how he gets insecure and clingy when he’s between projects, Howard points out that Bernadette has done the same thing when her work projects have come to an end.

When Sheldon arrives home with a suitcase, Amy wonders if he’s going somewhere. Sheldon explains that it’s a gift for her to show he supports her decision. Sheldon admits he’s not looking forward to it, but can see that this is an opportunity Amy can not pass up. After Amy kisses him, Sheldon suggests non-birthday coitus. She is interested, too, so they go to the bedroom to engage in “frenzied love making”.

In the hallway, Raj hands Leonard and Penny their key back. He says he’ll have them over when he’s got the place set up. As Raj thanks them for taking him in at a low place in his life, they’re interrupted by shouts from Sheldon and Amy’s apartment. Raj concedes that he can’t compete with that, so he just says bye and leaves. When Leonard wonders if they should give Sheldon and Amy their privacy, Penny admits she wants to but can’t leave. After Sheldon shouts “Whoopee!”, Penny says they’ve had enough so they return to their apartment.

Amy wheels her suitcase out of the bedroom to tell Sheldon the car is waiting outside. After he offers to carry the case down the stairs for her, Amy wonders if Sheldon will enjoy being on his own for a while. Sheldon says he’s never lived by himself and is worried he might become strange and eccentric, but Amy doesn’t seem too worried about that. Sheldon asks Amy to text and Skype him regular updates. After Sheldon tells her he supports her, he asks Amy to call him if she ever finds herself working with a male scientist as tall and smart as him with hair like Thor.