Episode Titles: Hypothesis

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  • An initial explanation put forward on the basis of limited, but factually supported, evidence which has not yet been conclusively proved.
  • The Big Bran Hypothesis

    The Big Bran Hypothesis
    Season 1, Episode 2 - Aired October 1, 2007

    Leonard hopes to make a good impression with Penny by volunteering to sign for a package of hers. When Leonard and Sheldon move the package to her apartment, Sheldon is disturbed by her apparent lack of tidiness. Sheldon's inappropriate mission to tidy Penny's apartment lands him and Leonard in hot water with her.

  • The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis

    The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis
    Season 2, Episode 11 - Aired December 15, 2008

    Leonard starts working with a cool, handsome colleague at work, but things go awry when the colleague starts dating Penny. Meanwhile, Sheldon's obsessive gift-giving etiquette irritates the whole gang, while Penny's Christmas gift for Sheldon leads to a memorable moment.

  • The Alien Parasite Hypothesis

    The Alien Parasite Hypothesis
    Season 4, Episode 10 - Aired December 9, 2010

    Amy is confused by an unusual sensation she felt in the presence of Penny's ex, Zack. With Sheldon's help, Amy realizes she was experiencing feelings of sexual arousal, so Sheldon sets out to help satisfy her needs. Meanwhile, Howard and Raj battle to find out who is the superhero and who is the sidekick in their friendship.

  • The Infestation Hypothesis

    The Infestation Hypothesis
    Season 5, Episode 2 - Aired September 22, 2011

    When Penny takes in furniture she found in the street, germophobe Sheldon is horrified and urges Penny to remove the chair from the building. Amy finds herself caught in the middle of the argument between Sheldon and Penny. Meanwhile, Leonard is still adjusting to his long-distance relationship with Priya and tries to spice things up between them.

  • The Recombination Hypothesis

    The Recombination Hypothesis
    Season 5, Episode 13 - Aired January 19, 2012

    Leonard and Penny might start things up again when Leonard offers Penny a spur of the moment invitation to dinner, on the 100th episode of The Big Bang Theory.