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Quote from Raj in the episode The Holographic Excitation

Raj: Before I forget, I'd like your opinion on the menus I've prepared for the Halloween party. The theme is food that goes bump in the night.
Howard: Creature from the Black Forest Ham Lagoon.
Raj: On Sesame seed Bunzillas.
Sheldon: Night of the Living Garlic Bread?
Raj: It's funny because bread sounds like dead.
Sheldon: I'm sorry, but these are just ordinary foods with the names bent into tortured puns. The dishes themselves are in no way Halloweenie.
Raj: Ooh, Hallow-weenies! That's a good one. They'll pair nicely with my Draculoni and Cheese. How do I do it?

Raj Quotes

Quote from the episode The Clean Room Infiltration

Raj: Amy, good luck getting these guys excited about a dinner with a theme. I gave up when no one cared about my Tom Hanks-Giving.

Quote from the episode The Santa Simulation

Raj: Oh man, first monster I see I'm gonna sneak up behind him, whip out my wand and shoot my magic all over his ass!
Stuart: Do you hear yourself when you say these things?

Quote from the episode The Santa Simulation

Raj: Doesn't anyone have a rod of resurrection? Because if you've got one, I need it bad. Get in here with your rod and give it to me.
Stuart: Okay, you need to say these things in your head before you say them out loud.

'The Holographic Excitation' Quotes

Quote from Sheldon

Stuart: Hey. Hey, look at you guys!
Amy: I'm Raggedy Ann, and he's Raggedy C-3PO.
Sheldon: It was a compromise. I lost.

Quote from Howard

Howard: A week ago, I was an astronaut.
Bernadette: Yeah, well, today you're a Smurf! Keep moving!

Quote from Sheldon

Howard: Okay, here it is. Bernadette said you guys are all sick of me talking about my trip to space. Is that true?
Sheldon: Yes.
Raj: No.
Sheldon: We seem to have different approaches here. I was going for helpful honesty. I have no idea what you're doing.
Raj: It's called being nice.
Sheldon: Okay. If you think being nice will get him to shut up, I'll try it.