Happy Birthday Kaley!

Happy Birthday Kaley!

Today is Kaley Cuoco's birthday. The Big Bang Theory Site wishes her a very happy birthday.

  Posted November 30 2013 in Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting.

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anil kamat Nepal, 22:28 Apr 12 2014.
happy birthday penny .....love ya..
Alex Davidson United Kingdom, 13:25 Dec 12 2013.
Happy birthday kaley u are amazing in the Big Bang also u are hot and good looking.
dfdfd India, 05:18 Dec 10 2013.
sexy boopful good looking
Thomas Latcham United Kingdom, 05:58 Dec 9 2013.
You're completely gorgeous. Happy belated Birthday.
Patrik Sweden, 01:01 Dec 8 2013.
A late happy b-day 2 u from a cold and snowy Sweden!! I think that u and your colleagues are the best!!!
happy birthday Pakistan, 08:04 Dec 6 2013.
many many happy returns of the day
samkit  India, 02:52 Dec 6 2013.
penny..penny..penny... happy bday..... njoy the day
Harini Shibaraya India, 01:24 Dec 6 2013.
knock! knock! knock! Happy bday :)
Normand Canada, 00:23 Dec 6 2013.
Kimberly Gonzalez United States, 13:51 Dec 5 2013.
Sorry, Kaley!! BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D

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