Happy Birthday Kaley! Posted November 30, 2016

Happy Birthday Kaley!

Today is Kaley Cuoco's birthday. The Big Bang Theory Site wishes her a very happy birthday.

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Johny Kid Canada, 17:34 Dec 9 2016.
Happy birthday you beautiful blond goddess.
Doug McCraeg Australia, 04:18 Dec 7 2016.
Happy Birthday for the 30th of November Kaley..(You share this day with St. Andrew, the Patron Saint of Scotlan)... ..I hope you had a fabulous day....Keep up the great work as Penny...
Mario D. United States, 12:09 Dec 1 2016.
Happy Birthday to a beautiful and talented actress. Always stay as genuine as you are and may all your wishes come true on this day.
Telly Philippines, 08:33 Dec 1 2016.
Happy Birthday, Kaley!!! Cheers!
Pooky Ireland, 14:23 Nov 30 2016.
happy birthday x
manu India, 00:23 Jan 7 2016.
happy birthday penny :) have a beautiful day like you!
Frank Ly Australia, 00:19 Jan 3 2016.
Happy Birthday young lady. I'm 80 and love the show. The whole team are terrific. The writers are really highly creative. Happy 2016
sumit India, 00:36 Dec 30 2015.
happy birthday penny you are both beautiful and cute at the same time :)
Bruce Towell United States, 12:57 Dec 23 2015.
Kaley, As a senior I KNOW I'm out of the demographic of what ages the show is geared towards. But believe me when I tell you, You and Jim really make this show the GOLD NUGGET that it is for me. Everybody of course is important, but you are really just the most ADORABLE SWEETHEART I could have imagined for them to cast!! My props to you and the whole cast (The best comedy show ever made IMHO EVER).....who actually gets the credit for casting YOU!??? Thanks for many years of love , laughter, and just down right putting me in the most beautiful state of mind when I watch you and your cast members!! I love the dialog so much , I use close captioning so I do NOT miss even one word!!:-) So thanks to the writers as well!:-)
Proud Canadian Canada, 11:44 Dec 7 2015.
It is irresponsible for any of you celebrities to jump on the seal harvesting SS bandwagon. Where is the money actually going to go? Get the facts, the seal hunt is a humane, highly regulaed, sustainable harvest of 10 million seals off our coast. Our quotas will sustain harvest in many many centuries to come. Would you prefer the seals die of overpopulation leading to starvation, disease, hunger? What is more humane the sustainable regulated harvesting or letting nature take care of it. Nature is not as humane as the seal hunters. Get a grip, think about true conservation not ecotourism. Good stewardship is key to maintaining a healthy herd. I will never watch the show again. Thanks Kaley.

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